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OMG! Was it Real or a Dream?



The incessant rain washed out a cricket match, rendered people homeless and caused countless hardships to everyone. But amidst all these distresses, there was a couple who was thrilled to see the raindrops. Her outstretched soft hands accumulated water from the pouring rain and threw it at the creature standing next to her. That creature holding the umbrella for the both of them was excited by this water splashing game and splashed back water caught with his rough hands. A smiling Sandy, looked into his eyes with a deluge of love in her eyes in the form of tears and said, “I would want to die this moment!�

Alex put his arms around her and squeezed her shoulder, conveying his ability to protect her, to be with her, and to love her always, “I cannot live without you! Never could I imagine a day without holding you in my arms!� Sandy wiped the tears from her eyes and wrapped her hands around his waist. “We should marry soon�, she exclaimed. “And we shouldn’t stop with one kid. Two should make life interesting. After that,� She paused and said, “We should adopt a child. You’re ready for adoption, right?�

“Of course, why would I say no?� Sandy has a dream. Well, a plurality to the noun would be good. Yes, she has many dreams but they change intermittently. They range from becoming a pilot to becoming a writer one day, going up the corporate ladder to becoming an educational activist the next day, becoming an entrepreneur to becoming a musician the day after that. The latest addition to that illustrious list is marriage, kids and adoption. None of the other dreams got any attention from her and some would say the latest addition will be no different.

They would’ve walked a few feet when she turned to him with a concerned look on her face, “Will your parents like me? They might think that I’m not right for you!� “Why would they think like that? They’ll like you. Never worry about that.� For this answer Alex had to lie from the bottom of his heart. Of course his family will never like Sandy. Even if his mother liked her, his sister will make sure that there is something about her that needs to be hated. But Alex knows very well that liking and accepting are two different things. His only concern will be his sister belittling his choice of a wife. But these worries can be parked for a different day. He didn’t want to waste this glorious day thinking about things that are outside his circle of influence and control. “My parents will definitely like you. I’m not sure about my father but my mother will adore you!� he said suddenly with a bright face.

As the conversation continued, the downpour showed no sign of slowing down just like Sandy’s dreaming. She exclaimed, “I’ve a plan� and outlined the details for moving forward their marriage.

Finally before bidding good bye, she kissed him on the cheek and said, “Tell this to your parents and bring them to my house!�

This round table discussion resembled a G-8 summit but the participants weren’t discussing the trivial matters like world economy plunging into chaos or recent terrorist attacks in Paris. They were into more serious things like love and marriage. “So, what do you say?� said Alex breaking the silence that had engulfed all of them. His parents were too shocked to open their mouths. Then his sister spoke for all four of them.

“You’re in love with a girl named Sandy, a class mate of yours in college that you never knew existed then just in the past six months fell head over heels with her.� She looked around for an acknowledgement.“Now you want Ma and Pa to meet her parents to talk about your marriage� she paused, “but she’ll act as if she doesn’t know anything about this relationship. Right?�

“Yes� responded Alex with clenched teeth.

The facial reactions of both his parents were absolutely stoical. Perhaps he should’ve thought something better than this idiotic plan. But this seemed the most plausible way to show to Sandy’s parents that their child did not fall in love with just any ‘ole guy but a guy who wants to marry her. This had seemed like a good plan then since it involved Sandy keeping her mouth shut. “I don’t see this happening without embarrassment for all of us,� his sister said to their parents. The time had come for the tacit parents to express their opinion and put a formal full stop to the affair. It was his father who spoke first, surprising everyone, “No Problem!� he smiled, “We’ll meet them and talk�.

In a blink of an eye, they were all meeting with Sandy’s parents, except Alex. Sandy never expected this process to go this far. One of the reasons, in fact the only reason, was her father – He simply didn’t trust her. Now everything was happening how she dreamed it would happen. She was sitting in front of Alex’s parents with butterflies circling her stomach. Alex’s father opened the conversation with a simple but complex question. “What kind of a parent are you? Perhaps, you should’ve brought her upin a better way!�


Now this was not in the script. Why is he saying this?

Suddenly she experienced a bomb blast inside her. All she could hear was loud static. She couldn’t bring herself to look at her parents. Her hands began shaking nervously. She didn’t want to believe that the dream had gone this far. She wondered: Did Alex know everything? Is that why he didn’t accompany them? No, never! He wouldn’t have allowed them to talk like this. Didn’t he think of this possibility? What sort of a guy is he, if he cannot anticipate his parents?

Could she have done it perfectly? If so, knowing her parents, she shouldn’t have got into this relationship in the first place. But she had such an apprehension towards her father, which pushed her towards this stupid plan. Had she opened the conversation, it could’ve ended with a slap. But now that day was well and truly over. What remains to be seen is how much damage it is going to cause!

What’s next for her? She sensed a new winter settling on her relationship with Alex. This cold was developing inside her too. Perhaps she should wait till she explains everything to Alex! But will it help? No way. He might suggest eloping. But then her dumbstruck parents shouldn’t suffer more. The apprehension was slowly getting replaced by melancholy. Did she notice the tears in her father’s eyes? This is enough! To stop these thoughts, she slapped herself hard enough that forced everyone to look at her. With eyes full of tears, not from love, but out of sympathy for herself, her family and Alex, she looked at Alex’s parents and said “That’s the way you entered the house�, with her index finger pointing the door, “and please don’t ever come back!� Her voice trailed off. None disturbed her for a while. She was desperate for someone to wake her from this dream.


As Alex’s parents got up to leave, her father stated, “Mr. Bowen, looks like we’ll cancel the wedding planner we’ve hired. Your daughter has misunderstood my question and spoiled everything.�

She looked at her father. She felt like strangling herself for creating the scene but continued to literally drive them out of her home.

As she stood outside in the rain she dreamed of the beautiful memories of her relationship with Alex. Knowing that dream was gone, she sighed, getting herself ready to move on.



Jan 20-Feb 18 (Aquarius)

Him: Whether your goals are love-related, career-oriented or just for bettering yourself, stronger and smoother communications remain essential throughout.

Her: Once pride is out of the way, love will become more of a “fading in� process. For various reasons, you may actually become distracted from the relationship game, and the unwatched pot will slowly begin to boil.

Feb 19-March 19 (Pisces)

Him: Your finances took an uptick in April, thanks to Jupiter’s position in Cancer kicking off some beneficial aspects. Then, come summer, you’ll be kept very busy with projects and interviews. There are rewards down the line!

Her: The relationship you build should bring your social and private life to a pleasant and steady rhythm.

March 20-April 19 (Aries)

Him: So why not get a jump on with what life is offering? If a tricky problem arrives in your romance, workplace or finances, remember that you’ll do just fine! Like a beautiful and intricate spider web, you’re going to feel connected with others via various strands of communication.

Her: “Wow!� Conjunctions will make dates a little more powerful and create a lasting imprint on both of your hearts.

April 20 –May 20 (Taurus)

Him: And with the Sun conjoining the Moon in Cancer, you’ll be able to retreat with no guilt when the outside world gets to be too much.


Her: The level of familiarity you might have with friends, acquaintances, and neighbors might be equally unnerving and exhilarating. But don’t worry! You’ll be getting something out of it as well.

May 21-June 21 (Gemini)

Him: Venus in Capricorn regularly forms a comfortable sextile for the first part of the year with Saturn in your sign, thus putting a healing balm on potentially volatile issues. Thus, even troublesome questions can have acceptable answers. You and your loved one gain the superhuman ability to shrug and say, “That’s the way it is,� and be OK with that.

Her: For the first three months, with the Moon’s sextile with Venus in Capricorn strangely augmented by the Moon and Saturn’s conjunction in your sign, mixed signals might be the best way to describe how your communications are going.

June 22-July 22 (Cancer)

Him: With Venus entering Pisces on April 5, you may be allowed to push limits a little, but this is more of an acceptable agreement than a true understanding.

Her: With Capricorn being a heavy influence at the beginning of the year, capturing the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Pluto, your year may get off to a work-heavy start! Before too long, however, you should settle into a routine while subtly planting the seeds for positive change within your work life.

July 23-Aug 22 (Leo)

Him: You’re hitting the ground running this year, considering that you will need some balancing out. With you entering a relationship almost immediately you’re finding that chores aren’t back-breaking work but interesting puzzles that you’re bending over backward to solve.

Her: You will have to ensure that your discussions regarding love don’t remain abstractions, but have enough power that your beloved takes them to heart. There’s a natural concern that this might lead to complacency, and in fact, it does lead to a summer defined more by strong individual moments than by a continuous thread of passion.

Aug 23-Sept 22 (Virgo)

Him: The latter half of the year is dependent on you being more of a listener. Situations will only reinforce your need to be open minded and a good listener, waiting for information. There’s valuable information that you need to receive from your loved one, and compassion will be the key to the doorway of deeper understanding. Keep your eyes and ears open!

Her: Increased Fire in your relationship activity later in the summer, particularly in August and September, can only help new relationships along. However, be mindful of expecting too much too soon. Flames can’t burn steadily all the time, and if you try to fan them too hard, you could get hurt. You might have to settle for short periods of relative inactivity. But that’s all right, as the valleys of life help make the mountain peaks feel even higher than they already are!

Sept 23-Oct 22 (Libra)

Him: If you have strong ideas for establishing a business, friends will assist you in bringing them to fruition. Though there may be some resistance, you can still win people over if you make the case steadily and enthusiastically.

Her: The ability to take in and truly process information will serve you well at the beginning of your relationship. Right at the start family will have a heavy influence on your position and it will give you a strong tailwind when it comes to sailing the ship of love.

Oct 23-Nov 21 (Scorpio)

Him: You could be given the keys to doors that lead to added prosperity. Even if you get some questionable signals and aren’t sure of all the details, you can still take time to sort it out. Your money isn’t going anywhere unless you tell it to, and if there’s a catch, you’ll find it.

Her: With situations around you in most of the year and opposing ability to dream big, you may find yourself knee deep in home maintenance. And this doesn’t just mean upkeep of your physical residence. It also means keeping family and romantic ties strong with a certain amount of effort. The “work� required will often be pleasant, but if you’ve ever wanted a reason to avoid laziness, this is it.

Nov 22-Dec 21 (Sagittarius)

Him: Adding to the momentum - particularly later in the year – your position in love is strong. Not only are you getting your second wind, but at last the work-to-results ratio is skewing in the favor of results.

Her: But why stop when things are getting good? When things are slowly falling in place even though you may not see things physically but things are getting better.

Dec 22-Jan 19 (Capricorn)

Him: If the beginning of the year felt somewhat flat and static, brace yourself! You’re mostly in the clutches of an overheated work ethic, and it’s taking you and your beloved away from spending quality time with each other into just working to keep things going.

Her: Take the time to get out, lock all the work distractions away in a box once in a while, and vent the outer frustrations that life occasionally gives you. With this, both of you can let off some steam and be able to connect to the things that truly matter once again.


This may start off like it’s just for the ladies but fellas I think you can find a seat in this car as well. Let’s go! Ladies have you ever been sitting with your guy all lovey-dovey, and beaming like that sexy girl who found a new boy type of romance?


Tonight, I thought my date was acting weird. We had made plans to meet at a nice restaurant for dinner. I was hopping with my friends all day long, so I thought he was upset at the fact that I was a bit late, but he made no comment on it. Conversation wasn’t flowing, so I suggested that we go somewhere quiet so we could talk. He agreed, but he didn’t say much.


I asked him what was wrong, he said, ‘Nothing.’ I asked him if it was my fault that he was upset. He said he wasn’t upset, that it had nothing to do with me, and not to worry about it. On the way home, I told him that I loved him. He smiled slightly, and kept driving. I can’t explain his behavior. I don’t know why he didn’t say, ‘I love you, too.’


I felt as if I had lost him completely, as if he wanted nothing to do with me anymore. He just continued to seem distant and absent. Finally, with silence all around us, I decided to go call a friend to intervene. I cried. I don’t know what to do. I’m almost sure that his thoughts are with someone else. My life is a disaster.


Maybe I shouldn’t have gone shopping with my friends. I need a miracle now to bring my man back to me. Why do I always have these problems when everything seems to be working and then all of a sudden things just change…. Baby, please forgive me.


He called and we are going out again tonight; maybe everything will work out for the good but I am jittery and I can’t wait to talk to him and start loving again.


Whatever it is I’ve said I’m sorry and we are back together again. We talked about it and we are going to the movies again, the same place where things were almost spoiled; this time, no room for silence.


It is like a new found love. We are going see his pastor today right after service. Maybe he wants say the obvious in the presence of his spiritual leaders… I can’t wait to wear his ring.

Dear Aunty Mamie

Dear Aunty Mamie,

I have read that falling in love is at once the most beautiful, thrilling, terrifying and exciting experience a person could ever have but I am so scared to fall in love. -Army MD

Dear Army md,

Everybody dreams of true love, but in practice, relationships can be scary, fragile and wildly complicated. You are encouraged to let your heart do the magic. Give it a chance.

Dear Aunty Mamie,

I always wear black. I am not like other teenage girls that are into pink or some hot colors. Do you think any boy will like to date me? -Sarah OR

Dear Sarah,

I don’t think colors can stop any guy from dating you. It’s your personality that matters not the colors you wear, though as a teenager you need to add some colors to your life. Please try to mix the black in with sexy colors.

Dear Aunty Mamie,

I was sitting at a coffee shop and a girl walked in but she kept looking in my direction. In her eyes there was something very sweet and gentle but yet mysterious. I turned to look away but she kept looking at me so I got up and walked away. Was I rude to her? -Morris PA

Dear Morris,

Maybe you were rude or maybe you were not. But I honestly I think you should have stayed and maybe sparked a conversation with her. Maybe she needed someone to talk to. Anyway you played it safe. Sometimes it is good to play it safe; trust your instincts.