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David D. Simons

As the CEO of Kingdom Social Media, an agency specializing in helping influential leaders dominate their market online through social media marketing, Simons has helped more than 20 Fortune 500 companies establish digital marketing campaigns.

He is also an adjunct professor at the Community College of Philadelphia, teaching social media marketing. Simons was recognized by Hootsuite for his work which has been featured on CBS, Entrepreneur, Yahoo, Dell and Social Media Today. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media from Sacramento State University and a master’s degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University.

How do you feel about your nomination? “I am ecstatic; it’s truly an honor to be listed as one of the FunTimes Magazine’s 30 Under 30. I am humbled by God’s grace and I have come along way — I am so different from the lost and aimless young man that I was.”

What is your inspiration? “My main motivations are 1. my death (someday, hopefully in the far future) and 2. my potential to contribute. I realize that my heartbeat is a timer and my time will run out. I must make the most impact that I can with the time that I have. I lost my older brother, Kobby, at aged 35. He lived a full life helping others learnthat life is not about your duration but your donation. When I think about trying something versus not, I remind myself, ‘David, you might as well try, you only have one shot at this life.’

“My potential motivates me because no matter what I have accomplished, there is more deep treasure within me. Knowing I have gifts, talents, inventions, ideas, businesses, books, and more, inspires me to create and develop my God-given potential.”

What else are you engaged in? “I currently train Fortune 500 companies, churches, and government organizations on how to leverage and maximize social media marketing. I also teach my online courses like “1000 Facebook Fans in 60 Days (,, and webinars. Along with my wife, Abigail, I volunteer with youth at my church, Living Faith Christian Center. Pouring back into the next generation is what I aim to spend my life doing.”

What are your plans? “I envision an online TV platform having an immense impact on the continent of Africa where we have the youngest demographic of youth under 30. When people are operating with a purpose, it can solve the world’s problems. Violence, suicides, drug and alcohol use diminish when people know their lives matter and they can gain fulfillment.”

What does it mean to be part of the Diaspora? “It represents power. There is greatness within each of us and it’s much stronger when we combine our efforts. It is heightened when we understand our past and see how far we have come. Marcus Garvey said, ‘A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.’ We must know we are kings and queens and we were designed to dominate in everything we do.”