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Mafei James

How does it feel to be nominated? “I am honored; this nomination has filled me with a strong sense of pride and is an excellent morale-booster; encouraging me to continue doing my best work. I believe that when our intentions are based in love then we are on course for the purposes that were given to us.”

What are your plans?
“While still in its infancy, I am building on something I love to do, which has come naturally. For a little over 16 years, I have taught myself to do hair, seeing the effects it has on the persons that get their hair done. I love the stories on why they’re getting their hair done. To assist in that process is amazing.”

What are you engaged in?
Outside of my regular 9-5 as a Safety Professional, I have a passion to promote the importance of protecting healthy hair growth. I have an equal passion for the promotion of African culture to foster a deeper understanding of different Diasporic cultures within our communities. This past year on a trip to Sierra Leone, I started an initiative called FemAfric with a mission to empower women by collaborating creatively with talented hair stylists in Sierra Leone to create hand crafted wigs and crochet braid styles. Look at the hair these women braided and twisted on the website, The talent is impeccable! With talent like that, why not show off these talents to the world?

What does it mean to be part of the Diaspora?
Why not bridge the Diasporic gap through hair? These ladies have already mastered the skill of braiding and now their talents are expanded to a global platform. How beautiful and meaningful is it for a woman to wear hair extensions that were made by hand by another African woman? That creates this immediate Diasporic connection. FemAfric celebrates just that; the art and cultural significance of hair braiding, while empowering and supporting women’s solidarity.

Nominated by Sierra Leone Youth Association