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Shanice Solomon

How do you feel about being nominated?
“I feel positive and proud. This is one of my first times being nominated for a magazine publication. It makes me feel positive to know that I was initially thought of by my dear friend Gina, and it also makes me proud because I’m able to serve as a positive image of a level headed young Black woman.”

What are your plans?
My plans are broad as I like to be involved in a bit of everything. When I do become involved, I’m totally immersed, from tuning into my artistic side, to community centered advocacy and education, to traveling. I use those opportunities to submerge myself into each culture during my stays. Most important, I expect to keep showing my character, commitment, and discipline through my actions as well as the intentions behind those actions.

What are you engaged in?
I am passionate about the Young Caribbean Professionals Network (YCPN), leisurely reading, journaling, thrifting, along with a special place in my heart for shopping and supporting small businesses in West Philly.

As I live in the community, I’ve really gained a new perspective as well as lots of respect towards shopping small. The efforts behind the success and creativity of these small businesses are commendable, from local and sustainably-sourced food at the Mariposa Co-op, to the refreshing presences of Tolani at Snap Dragon Flowers, to the unique treasures and works of art at community festivals such as the Go West Craft Fest. I spend most of my Saturday’s walking up and down Baltimore Avenue solely for the ambiance, and if you haven’t yet you totally should.

What does being a part of the African Diaspora mean to you?
It means unity and exceptionality. I simultaneously face both feelings of connections and disconnections with diverse viewpoints and/or lifestyle trends — I believe that is the beauty in being a part of the Diaspora. Although we all feel a level of connectivity, we also have a strong sense of singularity that helps shape all our beliefs, cultural norms, and perceptions which in turn produce each person’s sense of individuality.

Nominated by Gina Mosley, former president Young Caribbean
Professional Network