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Sammed Okyne

Recently, Okyne had this to say to FunTimes during an interview:

What is it like to be nominated as one of the People to Watch?
“Being nominated as one of the People to Watch makes me feel very extraordinary inside and outside. It gives me a sense of accomplishment while still going strong, striving for greatness, as a young man under 30.”

What has been your inspiration?
“My daily inspiration is God and my family. Knowing how far we have come to build this legacy of being educated and successful in whatever we choose while having the fear of God, keeps me going.”

What are you engaged in?
“I counsel youth on entrepreneurship and starting a business, help get people all around the world to enjoy a taste of Africa, and work with building community empowerment programs starting in the neighborhood where I grew up.”

What are you plans?
“I plan to continue to grow in the restaurant business and to spread the African culture through every dish served at Kings & Queens to millions around the world that haven’t yet received an introduction to African food.”

What does being in the African Diaspora mean to you?
“It makes me feel as if greatness is a must. This means a lot to me as I sometimes go through hard times while trying to accomplish so much. That motivation is much needed at times.”