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Celebrating FunTimes Magazine People to Watch

FunTimesmagazine kicked off Black History with its 30 under 30 People to Watch event at WeWork, 1900 Market Street. The remarkable group represented the dynamic Diaspora and all its uniqueness.

A few inspirational words came from State representative, Donna Bullock who spoke to the audience about her passion for our community and schools, and “working for the people, because its personal.” Said State Rep Bullock. Other state representatives present include Rep. Joanna McClinton and Rep. Vanessa Lowery-Brown.

While celebrating the success of the awardees, the night soon became a great space to network and converse with like minds and bond. The space was filled with family, friends, supporters and strong leaders in the Philadelphia community. These young people represented themselves and showed just why they are people to watch.

Big thank you to the organizations that partnered with us, Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists, Young Caribbean Professional Network, Sierra Leone Youth Association, WURD, Nigerian American Youth Association, Kings and Queens Restaurant (Sammed Okyne) and many others. By Aurica Hurst.

30 under 30