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Tap into Your Potential for 2019

Dr. Stephen Jones

Are you ready for a fantastic new year? December is the last month of the year that can be fun time or a stressful time. All the pressure of the holidays is resting on you. When you look back at 2018 you can think about many of your successes and challenges. The potential for you to excel next year is readily available to you if you don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed. Right know your worst enemy is failing to write down your goals for 2019. Build in a time to write down your goals right away and expect them to come to pass.

Your ability to successfully achieve your goals hinges on how well you distribute your time toward achieving each goal. You should put all the information that you’ve gathered into a binder that allows you to review your progress. It’s important to keep a good attitude about your purpose for pursuing your goal. Track you’re your progress every week. Tell others who are positive what you expect to achieve as you pursue your goals. Don’t speak the word failure because it will shift your mind in that direction.

I also recommend that you find creative ways to test how well you are achieving your goal. Write down a something you’re accomplishing, and it will take root in your mind. Write down five to eight things that you must do to achieve your goal. Share your list of goals with someone who is in your family. Ask them if there are any goals that you missed. The discussion that you have will generate ideas for other things that you want to accomplish.

It is important to know why you want to a pursue a certain goal. Go back to your goals and identify key things that may be your road blocks. Write down the steps for all the goals that you’ve written down. You can also make a list of people who can help you to accomplish your goal. Use 3 X 5 cards to record your goals and keep them with you. Put the goal on one side of the card and your activities on the other side and then check off the things that you’ve accomplished.

Start working on your goal one day at a time. Respond to the question that your mentors and other professionals are asking. Then justify the answer you’ve written into your goal document. Your final month is an opportunity to demonstrate how much knowledge you’ve gained from all of your goals. Stay on track in terms of your response to questions that your friend may be having. You may want to look at the questions several times while you are writing your response.

Finally; it is still important to get rest and eat well as you pursue your goals. Some students are not accustomed to eating breakfast in the morning but it is the most important meal of the day. A well rested person does better on the journey toward accomplishing their goal. Map out your schedule so that you will get rest every night and be ready to start a fresh new. Make every goal count by reading a list of all of your accomplishments through out the

Dr. Stephen is a nationally recognized speaker and the author of the Seven Secrets of How to Study, the Ultimate Scholarship Guide and the Parents Ultimate Education Guide. He can be contacted at 610-842-3843 or [email protected]