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Fresh Faces of Comedy

Maurice Davis (stage name Reese Davis) is a Comedian, Actor, Entrepreneur and proud father of four who spent his younger years living between Philadelphia, P.A. and Florida. His mantra is, “Making people laugh is my way of giving back. Laugh and live”.

Reese is a very personable and caring person, with a quick wit and contagious smile and sense of humor. With approximately nine years of performing experience, Reese says, “Being able to be an Entertainer is not just a job. It's an honor and a pleasure.”

He became interested in comedy at a young age and has a unique and magnetic style of humor. 'Being able to make people laugh has always made me feel better. Even when I was down and out, seeing someone else laughing and enjoying themselves has always made me feel better.”

His comedy mentors and role models include Mom's Mabley, Dave Chapelle, Dion Cole, and his “all-time favorite”is definitely Paul Mooney. As a comedian and actor, Reese is one of the “notable” talents on the comedy scene. He's quite diverse and works on multiple performances and platforms, with a multiplicity of styles and content including clean, edgy, and adult-mature.

His comedy and entertainment achievements include performing at the “The Laff House, the Original Comedy Club” (first time 2009) of Philadelphia, the“LA Comedy Club of Las Vegas”, and the “Atlantic City Comedy Club” in New Jersey. Reese is also the Creator and Host of the “FUK IF I KNOW” Radio Show. When asked about Reese, Mr. Rod, of the Laff House says, “I have a lot of respect for this guy. He is one of those people who has great creative potential and I believe he has the drive to go far in the world of comedy and entertainment.”

Having a quick mind and easily relating to people across diverse cultures, mores and environments, Reese is a person who loves studying human behavior and interpersonal reactions, and what makes people “tick”. He has a B.A, in Psychology from Drexel University of Philadelphia.

As an entrepreneur, prior to his comedy profession, he was and remains the C.E.O. of CONTRACTORS MD, INC. (2002 – Current). He likes to spend as much time as possible with his children and giving back to his community. He currently resides in Philadelphia, PA.