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Why do people commit Suicide? Why would someone reach a point where they feel there is nothing else to live for and suicide becomes the only relief to their hurt and sense of hopelessness? In Nigeria, suicide was not a popular topic of conversation several years back, but in 2018, the rate of suicidal deaths took an alarming turn.
A popular disc jockey posted a cryptic note on his Instagram page. While friends were still trying to figure out what the message meant, a news report came through that he had committed suicide. There is also a story of a young man who left church, packed his car, drove down to the third mainland bridge, climbed the railings of the bridge and jumped into the water to his death. No one knew why and no one could fathom his reasons. While society is still grappling with reasons for suicidal deaths, the paramount concern of everyone should be trying to figure out reasons for victims' refusal to communicate with people that could assist them with their depression and feeling of hopelessness. Perhaps, it is an indictment on how detached society has become from the many struggling with suicidal symptoms and pain. We live in a world where social media has taken the place of interpersonal conversations and people live their lives for the likes, retweets, and shares. Everyone must put up a fa├žade of importance while screaming for help within. We're surrounded by smiling, functioning and depressed individuals who we hardly notice.

Perhaps, the gift of seeing another day offers us the opportunity to call that loved one, that friend, that colleague, or to just generally smile at everyone we encounter. Offering them a kind word or listening ear could make a remarkable difference. Pausing from our supposedly busy schedules to spend some time with those around us as a way of detaching ourselves from the energy exerted on creating online social media friends could suffice. Investing a percentage of our time on building an interpersonal relationship with family and friends around us could be beneficial to all.

For anyone feeling depressed and weighed down by the burdens of life, you need to speak up, be heard, and seek the help your heart longs for. There are those around you willing to step in the gap for your sake, and they would only be able to if you stretch forth your hands asking for the help.