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DR. STEPHEN JONES The Making of an Education Entrepreneur

DR. STEPHEN JONES The Making of an Education Entrepreneur


Dr. Stephen Jones is a West Philadelphia native who is currently an Associate Dean of Students in the College of Engineering at Villanova University and President of SAJ Publishing and Education Services. Dr. Jones started his education business and book publishing company because he witnessed how the K-12 achievement gap was increasing for children of color and preventing students from attending college. He also witnessed how students enrolled in colleges across the nation but often struggled to earn good grades [to avoid] dropping out. Dr. Jones started his business during 1983 first as a consultant and then as a book publishing author. For 35 years, Dr. Jones has been driven by his goal to help students and parents achieve their education goals. He has delivered parent and student presentations on numerous topics including college access, college success, how to study, leadership, effective communication, goal setting, time management and how to earn A+ grades. These presentations have been delivered in K-12 schools including Title 1 schools, colleges, Gear Up, Upward Bound, Talent Search programs and 21st Century grants, etc.

Dr. Jones is the author of three books, “Seven Secrets of How to Study” the “Parent's Ultimate Education Guide” and the “Ultimate Scholarship Guide.”

These books provide an easy understanding of the essential skills a student needs to learn and prosper in K12 schools and colleges. Dr. Jones has managed to get his books into the hands of over 40,000 students and parents. It is hard work but he is dedicated to increasing the number of students who graduate while also reducing the dropout rate. Dr. Jones says the future is now and we must maximize every student's ability to achieve their goal to graduate while also preparing them for their career. As a young child, Dr. Jones was always questioning others and wanting to know more. He joined the Young Great Society community organization because he wanted to play football but it became so much more. He learned the importance of being a scholar-athlete. The Young Great Society is where Dr. Jones found his passion for community activism and finding ways to get the youth off the street. Dr. Jones graduated from We Toughen U (University) where he majored in Peoplenomics long before he obtained a doctorate degree. You see youth gangs were prevailing in the neighborhood at first but the community leaders fought back and offered an alternative to the youth. Dr. Jones was an active participant in the effort to make positive changes in his West Philadelphia community.

Dr. Jones has been featured in the FunTimes Magazine, Teachers of Color Magazine, Essence and Ebony magazines, Diversity News and he has been a nationally recognized guest on numerous social networks, television and radio stations including: NPR, CN8, WPVI Channel 6, Pennsylvania Cable Network, WHAT, WDAS and WURD Philadelphia, PA,: Radio One, Dayton, Ohio,: KNUS, Denver, Colorado; Incharge Radio, Orlando, Florida, KXIC, University of Iowa, KJLA, Los Angeles, California; WMM, Miami, Florida. LIBRadio Inglewood, California. Dr. Jones has received numerous awards for his dedication to students including, Distinguished Toast Master, National Society of Black Engineers Award, Golden Torch Award and Black Engineer of the Year Award. The Drexel University chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers named the Dr. Stephen Jones Award for Academic Excellence after him to acknowledge his efforts. Dr. Stephen Jones is a national education advocate who continues to change lives in Philadelphia and beyond. You can contact Dr. Jones at 610-842- 3843. ( or email [email protected]