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Vine Memorial Baptist Church’s Chancel Choir Celebrates 65 Years Music Ministry

The Black church historically represents the freedom (safe space) to release and nurture our souls protected by the covering of our faith. On Sunday afternoon, October 27th, an historic moment of Vine Memorial Baptist Church on the corner of 56th and Girard Avenue was witnessed or actually experienced! Originally in 1954 the choir was named Young Adult Choir and renamed in 1973 the Chancel Choir.

The 65th Anniversary Chancel Choir and Alumni Reunion Concert gathered together over 65 voices from past and present coming from near and far. The choir under the direction of Professor Gregory H. Hopkins (1973-1986), Shelia D. Booker (1988-1989) and Lorraine A. Witts (1989-2019) three generations of its lifetime eight directors sang anthems, spirituals, hymns, contemporary and gospel. The concert ministered spiritually on high to both the choir and congregants.

The afternoon brought praises in rhythmic hand clapping, foot stomping, crying and shouting and just in awe stillness of the majesty of God. It was a testimony that “When All God’s Children Get Together…What A Time…What a Time”!