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Miss Mahogany Style Report

By Aisha Al-Muid

What’s Old is New and What’s New?

Spring is right around the corner and although most fashion trends have been spotted and forecasted and predictions for everything we'll be wearing next winter have been showcased around the world via fashion week in NYC, London, Paris, Italy and, of course, Philly. I am becoming more conscious regarding sustainability and how to incorporate some of my favorite statement pieces with the simply irresistible fast fashion frenzy. We must remember always, when it comes to sustainable fashion, quality and creativity rules. Which is in complete contrast to fast fashion and what the latest trends coming off the runway are. In my opinion, all things fashion oriented need to be made to last wear after wear, wash after wash, season after season.

With that being said, I am always curious to see which trends are going to stick around for the rest of the year and possibly years to come. Unfortunately, I was not able to physically be present at most if not all of the amazing runway shows produced this season. However, through the use of technology I was virtually on the front row of some of the most talented designers that are up next. I was able to get a glimpse of three amazing fashion shows. I must say that locally Philadelphia showcased some of its top talent.

Prajje Oscar womenswear is definitely one to watch and wear. Jean Baptiste is a Haitian born, Philadelphia based fashion designer known for his exquisite evening gowns. Prajje works with skilled artisans in Haiti to develop his one of a kind couture pieces and ready to wear collection with the intention of spreading awareness of the beauty and vibrancy of Haiti. What’s old but new with this fantastic designer he is giving you old Hollywood glamour with a African flare most especially rich vibrant color. Color is the trend that is not going anywhere. All tones from deep reds, pastels for spring and jewel tones reign royal for fall. I loved the way that Prajje fuses his vision for evening wear through the lens of African culture and style.

Think Shaft, London Fog or Burberry – the trench coat has been in en vogue for over a century. And, despite being created for military purposes back in 1912, its appeal and usefulness has lasted through decades what’s in and what’s out. On top of anything from jeans and a white-t to pretty party dress, its functionality immediately translates to effortlessness. The iconic staple hasn’t changed much over time. So the new numbers with the trademark storms flaps, capes, buckles and big belting can be found just about everywhere. I love the juxtaposition of the Ross divas, Diana Ross, Mahogany, and Traci Ross Ellis styling in a modern trench fits perfectly with this year's trend the comeback coat.

Lastly, one of my ultimate oldies but goodies that to me will always be classic and can be reinterpreted over and over again based on one of my favorite flowers, the rose. For 2020 the traditional flower that represents love has a major innovation for the use of it in print and as well as the shades of the lovely scented flower. Designers are focusing on roses, specifically, to make their spring collections moods romantic and fresh. And the result is incredibly elegant tops, trendy separates, and dresses of course. And, I am sure that if you are a fashionista like me, you have some item of clothing from the past that has a nostalgic take, keep in mind renewable style being the reason to intermix with the latest trend for floral to keep your appearance elegant and fashion forward.