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Soothe Your Spirit: Podcasts of the African Diaspora

By Nana Ama Addo

COVID-19’s impact on mental health continues to be a pressing issue. According to the American Psychiatric Association, 48% of Americans are anxious about the likelihood of getting the virus, 40% are anxious about becoming gravely ill or dying from COVID-19 and 62% are anxious about the probability of having a loved one contracting it. FunTimes Magazine created the Soothe Your Spirit Campaign, a mental health awareness initiative that highlights personal, entertainment and productive podcasts of the African diaspora to offer therapeutic resources to you, in light of a grim pandemic.

(Oprah Winfrey)

Oprah's Super Soul Conversations is a podcast series created by media mogul Oprah Winfrey, to promote wellness through her interviews with world-renowned wealth and health experts, thought leaders and authors. The “Emotional Intelligence” episode, featuring science journalist, psychologist and author Daniel Goleman, provides audiences with tips on how to strengthen one’s emotional intelligence, and use it as a tool to succeed and stimulate wellness in life.

Check out Oprah's Super Soul Conversations here.

(Kid Fury and Chrissle West)

The Read is Black America’s premiere podcast, covering the latest hip hop and entertainment events with wittiness, humor and unapologetic realness. This podcast, started in 2013, is based in New York City and hosted by internet personality Chrissle West and vlogger Kidy Fury. The title of the podcast is based on the slang ‘read’ used by the queer African American community to describe one giving their unfiltered opinion on a subject.

With 303,000 views, the “Quarantine Mail” episode opens with a trap version of Sister Act 2’s “Oh Happy Day,” discusses the hit documentary “The Clark Sisters: The First Ladies of Gospel,” a Lifetime production about the gospel legends the Clark Sisters, and answers relatable questions sent in by listeners about quarantining.

This podcast includes explicit language, so it is #NotfortheKids but it is definitely entertaining. If you are interested in learning about the latest entertainment news from a comedic point of view and want to have a good laugh, this podcast is for you.

You can check out The Read here.

Afro Beetsis a podcast that takes you on a journey of the African Diaspora through cuisine. This vegan inspired show started in 2018, and uses gardening, agriculture and cuisine as a vehicle to explore culture of the African diaspora. Hosted by black vegan chef and educator Christian Riddick, Afro Beets provides resources on home gardening, and educates audiences about both plants and African diasporic cuisines to stimulate wellness.

Episode 26, “Growing Your Sense of Abundance ft. (Engaged Ecology),” explores the idea of an abundance mindset. It begins with a guided meditation, and continues with a tutorial on how to create a self-watering plant container.

If you are contemplating about going vegan, are interested in African Diaspora culture, could use new gardening tips or want to learn more about how to make use of nature’s green gifts to improve your health, this podcast is for you.

You can listen to Afro Beets here.

We hope this was helpful. Let us know what you think about our selection. What’s your favorite podcast? Post your best podcast on social media using the hashtag #SootheYourSpirit and mention FunTimes in your post, to encourage communities around you to practice self care, stimulate mental wellness and stand in solidarity with those who could use positive source of media at this time.

Nana Ama Addo is a writer, multimedia strategist, film director and storytelling artist. She graduated with a BA in Africana Studies from the College of Wooster, and has studied at the University of Ghana and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Visit her storytelling brand, and connect with her creative agency on Instagram: @chitheagency.