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Embracing Online Meditation to Relieve Emotional Distress

Oct 17, 2020 08:00AM ● By Nina Indigo

Philadelphians’ are using weekly online guided meditation via to find relief from intensified levels of stress and anxiety caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. I learned from my Saturday night session it works.

During the session, meditation instructor Hitoshi Igawa, shared the basics to complete the first step of Sahaja yoga meditation. The tools you need are a quiet space, a chair, or a floor. Igawa then, provides guidance as you disappear from the outer world into a virtual meditation studio.  

There are a few key concepts to keep in mind regarding the three parts in completing this first step in Sahaja yoga meditation from home. Here are some pointers for a successful, peaceful meditation session:

Understanding the Basics for Stronger Results from Your Meditation Session.

Sahaja meditation is not meant for sleeping or not thinking. It is about letting go of bad energy and unbalanced emotion. The purpose is to find balance energy through three channels of the body; central, left, and right. In the middle, our center balances the left and right. Inside these three channels, there are seven energy centers. The goal is to channel this energy and awaken it. Then, it is supposed to ascend to our head and pierce it. From there, we should have connected to higher force energy. To achieve a result like this, keep your seating position pretzel styled, in a comfortable chair, or on the floor. Put both hands on your lap, turn palms up, shut your eyes, and begin meditating.

How You Effectively Indulge in Self-Realization Meditation

Once you have reached a meditative state Igawa instructs you to make subtle motions with your hands. He reminds participants to keep thinking and to remain awake. You want to practice strategic breathes while you sit, keeping your left-hand palm faced up, and your eyes shut. At this time, you should feel calm and relaxed. It is at this stage; you will also feel a sensation kin to a breeze above your head. The sensation is an indicator that you have reached a state of peacefulness and self-realization.

Time to End Your Amazing Self-Realization Meditation Session.

You just successfully finished the first step in Sahaja yoga meditation. To keep strong results, practice controlling your energy meaning, manage your thoughts, feelings, and emotions better. Not only will you find a mechanism for stress relief, anxiety relief, and depression relief, but it improves your self-esteem, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence too. It will take practice and effort but as time goes by it will become more intuitive. Igawa explained why and how Sahaja Yoga Meditation is essential to holistic health and wellness practices:

“It cleanses the central nervous system and other medical interventions. It starts with self-healing powers, it's a supporting tool as our self- healing power, it's essential,” he said.

“To find pleasure and beauty within you, this is getting realization you came to grow as a whole and improve your being,” he said.


If you are interested in being part of this experience, go online and search for and under the search link type Free Online Guided Meditation. Once you are there, you can select attend, and type in your email. Then you will receive an invite link to join the event. This event is every weekend, Saturday, and Sunday @ 9:45/ 11 p.m.

 Nina Indigo is a Storyteller and Digital Journalist @ FunTimes Magazine. She writes on topics for the health and wellness segment. She practices Vegetarianism, loves poetry, African/African American Literature, creative-writing, research, yoga poses and meditation.

In her articles, she provides her readers with organic content for people of all backgrounds and communities, she is truthful, writes to empower and inform. She helps readers make their best holistic decisions in their lives, communities and societies.

In 2021, she will obtain her BA in English Writing, with a minor in African and African American Literature Studies.

To follow up on her latest articles google Nina Indigo @ FunTimes. In her articles, her motive is to provide to her readers a how, and why holistic health is not just important, it's a necessity to our whole well-being. Her articles do not simply empower and inform, but present relevant ideas and solutions to the essential wellness topics discussed.