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Hydration and Self Care

Dec 09, 2020 09:00AM ● By Candice Stewart
glass of water

How often do you drink water and when was your last sip?

Did you know that the human body is roughly 65% water? Additionally, we lose water daily through sweating, exhaling and going to the bathroom. We must consistently replenish or else dehydration and its complications may set in.

Drinking water throughout the day is just as important as eating healthy meals. Humans can survive weeks without food, but there is a chance that dehydration and death may come within days of not having consumed water.

Yes, you may indulge in drinking teas, smoothies, energy drinks and other beverages, but these liquids have endless amounts of sugar and calories that can contribute to weight gain and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes over time.

What does water do for you?

Water acts as a major component of most body parts. It does so much for our bodies and physical health. It flushes body waste, mainly in urine; it lubricates the joints; it helps deliver oxygen throughout the body; it helps to regulate the body temperature through perspiration among other things.

In a recent interview with FunTimes Magazine, Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician, Dr Naima Stennett, shared some tips on how to stay hydrated and maintain hydration levels.

Staying hydrated is as easy as W.A.T.E.R

-          Water bottles – Bring a water bottle with you. Keep it in sight.

-          Apps – use water intake apps on your smartphone to help you track the amount of water you drink. Apps such as Water Tracker and Plant Nanny can be helpful.

-          Talk – Speak with your loved ones and colleagues about your hydration goals and encourage them to join with you as an accountability partner.

-          Eat – Consume more fruits and vegetables. They are good sources of water without having to drink it.

-          Reminders –Set reminders to drink water or use a water bottle with markings printed on the sides to help you achieve your hydration goals.

 Hydration Status

“Your urine colour is an easy way to assess if you are hydrated. Your urine should look pale yellow, like lemonade. If your urine colour ranges between dark yellow to orange, it means that you are dehydrated,” Dr Stennet tells FunTimes Magazine.

She also shared a simple equation which persons may use to estimate their daily water intake.

“Your body weight, in pounds (lbs.) divided by 2 will give you the amount of water needed in ounces. For example, at 180 lbs, an individual should consume 90 ounces of water,” she said.


Be good to your body and supply it with the water it needs. Drinking water is indeed a form of self-care.  


 Candice Stewart is a Jamaican content writer specializing in human interest feature stories. She is a web content writer, blogger, and budding podcaster. 

She holds an MA in Communication for Social and Behaviour Change and a BSc. in Psychology from the University of the West Indies (UWI, Mona).

Follow her blog at, where she shares stories and life lessons through real-life experiences.