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Mindful Living: The Secret to Growing Your Business

Mar 29, 2021 08:00AM ● By Nina Indigo
wellness entrepreneur

The founder of The Wellness Business Academy, Helanah Warren, shares her secrets on how to incorporate mindful living into growing and amplifying your business. Due to COVID-19, businesses are operating digitally, which has proven to be challenging at times. Here are Helanah’s top 5 mindfulness strategies for continuing to grow a business.

  1. Be invested.

    Be invested in helping your clients. Your business is where you utilize your gifts, your practice, and your skills. When you work you should be living your passion. Your clients should feel your passion. When they see the joy you have when serving them, they’re more likely to have a high sense of satisfaction, which is what you want people to feel.

  2. Tell your story!

    Use your attraction and be authentic. Authenticity is a strength. There is a sense of vulnerability and truth that people connect with. Why waste time trying to connect or relate to someone who is pretending? People want honesty. It draws them in because it's something they cannot buy. The power behind storytelling will never fade out. Like any other skill, it's something you practice. If you allow, it will become a core strength to your business, and help build a stronger connection with others. Share more. People want to hear.

  3. Differentiate business vs. hobby.

    Building a strong business is hard work. A hobby is normally just for fun. To run a successful business, you want balance and mindfulness as core principles. However, bravery, courage, authenticity, and discipline should be in practice too. When you work and live in balance it creates a blissful and fun workplace. Running a business from a mindful perspective is essential. For example, you must understand that there is a time for work and a time for play. Do not burn yourself out. You have to allow yourself time to take off, do something for yourself, or take a mental health day if needed. Do not think you have to grab every single opportunity that comes your way because someone else will take it. This is negative thinking. Be a mindful thinker.

  4. Be present.

    As a mindful thinker, keep it simple. When you wake up, take 5-10 minutes to sit, inhale, and exhale. Have your breath connect with your body. The core issue of stress is that you are here and want to be there. This is using the present to go back and forth between the future and the past. Do not live life blind-folded or looking for an escape. Learn to have gratitude and empathy for who you are and where you are in your life presently. Accept the past and let it die as it was. Do not worry about the future or try to control the outcome. Just handle the next step when it comes. Adapting to mindful thinking and living becomes easier as time goes on. Life is much more enjoyable and beautiful when you let go and just be. You do not have to know everything all the time.

  5. Practice gratitude and empathy.

    How you treat yourself reflects how you will treat others around you. If you are not kind to yourself and are in need of control, change this. See where life's path will take you, let it flow. Use empathy and gratitude as a strength, and don't think too hard. Remember, everybody has to start somewhere. Just get in and have fun with it. Helanah explains why and how Mindfulness and balance are essential to holistic wellness practice:

     "Mindfulness and meditation are important because it brings us back to self, living in a world where we feel disconnected from our true essence. When we busy ourselves we create these distractions in our lives that become placeholders that fill up space, creating more distance between us and ourselves, our passions, purpose, and happiness. Mindfulness is a tool that helps you slow down. Recenter using tools that are free 99. Breaths and stillness balance me out to be in the now. Balance is being yourself as you are, accepting the moment, not in search of a past that is gone. Be grateful for your difficulties, your resilience, and triumph come from these dark moments.”

     If you like these 5 steps, look into Helanah Warren's Wellness business strategizing. Visit for mindfulness training. Warren is highly recommended and will show you how to incorporate mindful living and thinking into growing and amplifying your business. You can also find her new self-care starter kit on her website. Additionally, she has a Vegan cookbook coming out with delicious recipes to try. The book is called, “Making Magic with Cauliflower”. In the meantime, you can go on her site and check out the “How To Go Vegan” guide too. She will also be holding plant-based cooking classes very soon. Log into her website to learn more. 

 Nina Indigo is a Storyteller and Digital Journalist @ FunTimes Magazine. She writes on topics for the health and wellness segment. She practices Vegetarianism, loves poetry, African/African American Literature, creative-writing, research, yoga poses and meditation.

In her articles, she provides her readers with organic content for people of all backgrounds and communities, she is truthful, writes to empower and inform. She helps readers make their best holistic decisions in their lives, communities and societies.

In 2021, she will obtain her BA in English Writing, with a minor in African and African American Literature Studies.

To follow up on her latest articles google Nina Indigo @ FunTimes. In her articles, her motive is to provide to her readers a how, and why holistic health is not just important, it's a necessity to our whole well-being. Her articles do not simply empower and inform, but present relevant ideas and solutions to the essential wellness topics discussed.