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How Black Women Are Embracing Their Health Amid a Pandemic

Apr 08, 2021 10:38AM ● By Nina Indigo
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Figure 1 - You don’t need the gym! Practice outdoor fitness with your girls or individually.

Many Black women are using a natural lifestyle work method when it comes to holistic health and fitness during the pandemic.

Research shows many Black women are taking charge of their health. Women of our community are introducing various ways and ideas on how to begin the journey of natural health and fitness. Black women are caring more for their bodies, physically, spiritually, and mentally. During these trying times of a COVID, our health must be a priority. 

This past year, the pandemic has impacted many, and we all have suffered greatly. There are many positive cases for COVID-19 within the Black community, and it has served as a wake-up call. How we care for our bodies matters. How can we ensure we prioritize our health? Running, walking, jogging, and indulging in natural self-care and other fitness methods is a great place to start. Whether running on the track, walking through neighborhoods, fields, or parks, alone or with friends, any form of exercise can serve as beneficial. Black women are becoming more aware and proactive about their health. We are learning what works best for us.

In recent years, there have been quite a few qualitative studies as to why most people prefer natural health and fitness practices. The results concluded that this preference is because natural health’s focus is purely on keeping a holistically healthy and wholesome lifestyle living. A recent survey interviewed 40 Black women, concluding that holistic health was critical for many participants.

During the interview, the women were asked questions about their life experience regarding their natural health practices. The results showed a significant number of Black women fell under lower socioeconomic status. This means that they are less likely to receive extensive cosmetic surgeries and use gyms due to lack of financial feasibility. Given these circumstances, the alternative was to come up with a natural fitness method, which is exactly what happened. (Source) The most popular natural practice method amongst Black women was the lifestyle work category. Within this category, the first method was identified as exercise on our own.

The reason the lifestyle work method has proven successful is because it allows us to enjoy safe workout choices, like running at a park, where you can be separate and distant from everyone else. There is an openness to this method that you cannot find in a gym or on a cosmetic table. It allows a feeling of liberation to enhance ourselves and our natural state of being. It is not about the pressure to be as good as others, but instead to focus on embracing ourselves at our own pace.

Keep A Positive Perspective

In the midst of practicing this method, remember our physical attributions are not defined by false notions of perfection or the “ideal body”. According to Diane Tyler’s study, “Health is more than determination, eating, or exercise or diet. It’s all those things and more.” Truthfully, one’s wellness depends a lot on one status, and where one stands mentally, socially, physically, and spiritually. All these things play a huge role in our overall health. (Source ) It is about finding a balance that works for you. Here’s what some survey participants had to say regarding their holistic practice routine:

  • “Don’t think weight or physical appearance is really the best measure for health.”
  • “Health is more than eating or exercise or diet. It’s all those things and more.”
  • “We have to find a balance within our community.”
  • “Health is such a broad issue because it goes from your environment to your lifestyle. We have a whole lot of pollution, we have smog in the air, and even now it can affect our health. So, it comes from different aspects of our- mentally, socially, physically, spiritually. To have good health depends on all that.”

Here is a helpful video link showing 5 essential running tips for beginners. 

Figure 2 Remember to practice social distancing, wear a mask, and stay hydrated.

Begin Your Routine!

Once a positive method of thinking is in practice, the rest is easy to achieve. You will grow a genuine understanding and appreciation for indulging in natural health and fitness. It is a great alternative, not only for financial purposes, but for physical, mental, and emotional well-being as well. However, the key to understanding how to fully maintain one’s health during such a crazy time in the world is following a step-by-step process, such practicing a weekly routine of physical fitness. Remember to be consistent, pace yourself, wear a mask, practice social distancing, and stay hydrated.

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 Nina Indigo is a Storyteller and Digital Journalist @ FunTimes Magazine. She writes on topics for the health and wellness segment. She practices Vegetarianism, loves poetry, African/African American Literature, creative-writing, research, yoga poses and meditation.

In her articles, she provides her readers with organic content for people of all backgrounds and communities, she is truthful, writes to empower and inform. She helps readers make their best holistic decisions in their lives, communities and societies.

In 2021, she will obtain her BA in English Writing, with a minor in African and African American Literature Studies.

To follow up on her latest articles google Nina Indigo @ FunTimes. In her articles, her motive is to provide to her readers a how, and why holistic health is not just important, it's a necessity to our whole well-being. Her articles do not simply empower and inform, but present relevant ideas and solutions to the essential wellness topics discussed.

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