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Celebrate Zambia’s Independence with these 7 Zambian Dishes

Oct 23, 2021 02:00PM ● By Oga Africa
16 various dishes with rice on long table

( A Zambian food fair. Image by Bioversity International via Flickr )

Happy Independence Day, Zambia! On October 24th, 1964, this Southern African country gained independence from the United Kingdom. To celebrate, we’re exploring 7 of the country’s most delicious dishes. Let’s jump right in!

(Zambian women prepare a meal. Image by Bioversity International via Flickr)

Curried Gazelle is a traditional dish of the country that is made from the rump of a gazelle, and mixed with veggies like onions, chillies, garlic, and spices, as well as coconut milk, cut plantain, tomato paste, and curry. The dish is usually served with white rice.

(Nsima with three relishes. Image by (WT-en) Jpatokal at English Wikivoyage via Wikimedia Commons )

Nshima or Nsima is a common starch dish in Zambia that is made with maize meal and usually eaten with meat and ‘relishes’, which can be vegetable-based stews. Some relishes may consist of cabbage, garden egg, greens, and fish with veggies or beans. In Uganda, Nshima is known as Ugali.

(Ifisashi with Nshima. Image by @aricookstheworld via Instagram )

Ifisashi is a dish that is made by cooking mashed groundnuts and green veggies like kale or sweet potatoes. Spices are added to make the dish flavorful, and some versions include fish. Ifisashi is usually eaten with Nshima.

 (Woman preparing a donut-like dish to sell. Image by Hanay via Wikimedia Commons)

Chikanda is a vegetarian cake-like dish, made with chili, wild tubers, baking soda, and spices. It is baked and can be served cold or hot.

(Zambian dishes being prepared. Image by Bioversity International via Flickr)

Fish in Zambia are very common due to the many rivers and lakes in the country. Some of the fish eaten in the country include Tilapia and a small fish known as Kapenta.

(Zambian women cooking outdoors. Image by Bioveristy International via Flickr)

Ndiwo is a nutritious vegetable soup that usually includes green veggies such as pumpkin leaves, pea leaves, cassava leaves, and tomatoes, onions, spices, and sometimes meat. This dish is usually served with Nshima.

(A Zambian cooking outdoors. Image by CIFOR via Flickr)

Delele is an okra-based dish that includes tomatoes, spices, and bicarbonate soda (to enhance the texture). It is commonly eaten with Nshima. This dish is consumed in neighboring countries like Zimbabwe and parts of Botswana and South Africa, where it is known as the same name.

What’s your favorite Zambian dish?

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