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COVID’s Economic Shift Part III: Infallible Care CEO Shanise Anderson Talks Transforming Gig Work into a Business

Jul 23, 2022 01:00PM ● By Nana Ama Addo
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“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

COVID’s Economic Shift is a 3-part series that explores the impact of gig work on the future of the US labor force. In the final part of the series, we speak with gig-worker turned entrepreneur, Shanise Anderson, about her journey from gig work to entrepreneurship, and advice for gig-workers who are interested in moving gig work to the next level. 

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 (Image courtesy of Infallible Care)

Shanise Anderson is an ambitious entrepreneur who recounts growing up around entrepreneurs in her family. In describing her upbringing and loving heart, Shanise says “I always knew that I was hard working and that I was capable of helping individuals.”

After a number of years obtaining contracts to care for people of varying ages, in 2019, Shanise created Infallible Care, a global staffing agency. In describing why she decided to create a business out of her gig-work experience, Shanise tells FunTimes: “I started Infallible Care because I wanted to create an agency where I could do job placement. I was able to do my own contracts on my own with home care, and I wanted to branch out and offer that opportunity to other amazing people who were interested as well.”

Quality care is an aspect of Infallible Care that Shanise emphasizes: “One thing that we are very strategic about is quality care; making sure we have good people to represent us, and backing the good people who do great work.”

“The difficult part is the balance of making sure that I am benefiting both parties – the               community and the business so we are able to grow as well as impact more individuals.”

( Shanise Anderson, CEO of Infallible Care )

Shanise gives advice for gig workers who are considering launching their own business: “My advice for gig workers is to actually do what you love and follow your path. When I fell into doing homecare that was something that was already in me. There were times that I did what I did for free. If you are not able to do what you do for free, take a step back, and don't just jump out as an entrepreneur without any income. A lot of people want to start a business and they don't think about who is paying them.”

She also encourages gig workers to value their work’s experience: “Love the area that you are in. I wouldn't be able to create my own company or app, if it wasn't for my experience as a customer service representative, knowing how to deal with customers, representing other businesses etc. In the work field, you tend to learn as you’re going and as you’re growing, so there is nothing wrong with working a job. Obviously, most people work for income. Make sure you are in a space where you are at peace, you are loving what you do, you can benefit from what you are doing, and that it aligns with your passions and purpose.”


“For gig workers that want to expand their business services, I recommend getting on the Infallible Care App because it will promote your business, it is worldwide, and people are able to see your business and book you. 

“You will also get free promotion, a platform where you are able to receive money, and for merchants, there is also a way to take advantage of the app to create links to sell your products, get customer information to ship things to them, or even if they are coming to purchase you can do a contactless sell. Because Covid is going on, there are so many ways Infallible Care is able to survive and help other businesses do the same.”

Learn more about Infallible Care here:

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