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Five Black LGBTQ Youtubers and Vloggers You Should Know

Jul 26, 2022 10:00AM ● By Anand Subramanian

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In recent years, it seems as though we are living in a dystopian movie. YouTube offers some beautifully new videos especially from LGBTQ producers of color, that makes us grin just thinking about them. We want you to be happy, too! We've compiled a list of five exceptional Black LGBTQ YouTubers whose videos are entertaining, uplifting, and eye-opening, while offering a much-needed splash of queer color to the video-sharing site. These are the channels you should subscribe to for anything from response videos and singing contests to cosmetic tips and every day vlogs about nothing.

Ballroom Throwbacks

Ballroom Throwbacks, dubbed the "official portal to the underground ballroom culture," is a digital archive of ballroom history. It was founded by Caesar Williams and contains a plethora of films shot at balls, including voguing wars, sex siren contests, and more. In fact, if you've seen any voguing videos on social media, they're most likely from here. This is the channel for everyone who admires or enjoys series like Pose and Legendary since it provides a glimpse into the present scene.


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Zach Campbell 

We should always be on the lookout for Zach Campbell to publish the next episode of his famous series "Bop or Flop" whenever a new track is released by an artist. It is one of the many different kinds of response movies that he creates, in which he evaluates the most recent songs released by artists such as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and others. In addition to that, he has been killing it with his visual versions of some of your favorite songs, like "Don't Start Now" by Dua Lipa.


Kat Blaque 

You're in for a real treat if you haven't already seen the work of activist and animator Kat Blaque. Her animations are fantastic. Explainers, video essays, and response videos are some of the types of videos that can be found on her YouTube channel. However, these films are seen through the lens of her unapologetic Black and trans perspective. This is the channel for anybody interested in furthering their own knowledge and widening their worldview, as she discusses a wide range of topics, from her previous experience as a sex worker to racist TikToks.

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Have you been looking for more examples of queer love? This is the channel for you. Steph and Tasha are a married couple who serve up everything from mukbangs and DIY cooking demonstrations to hilarious stories about STI scares. And they have a second channel of vlogs that are just as enjoyable. They’ve also shared heartwarming stories about being lesbians raising a child that will make you want to have a few crumb snatchers of your own.



Machaizelli Kahey, also known as MacDoesIt, is the creator of stuff that can be described as both "intelligently humorous" and "an organized hot mess" those are his words, not ours. However, this is without a doubt the most accurate way to characterize his films. His reactions to anti-gay advertisements are by far his most popular videos, but we enjoy seeing him put on awful Halloween costumes so that we don't have to. His videos have helped him gain a large following.


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 Anand Subramanian is a freelance photographer and content writer based out of Tamil Nadu, India. Having a background in Engineering always made him curious about life on the other side of the spectrum. He leapt forward towards the Photography life and never looked back. Specializing in Documentary and  Portrait photography gave him an up-close and personal view into the complexities of human beings and those experiences helped him branch out from visual to words. Today he is mentoring passionate photographers and writing about the different dimensions of the art world.

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