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5 Best AI Platforms to Create NFTs

Aug 18, 2022 10:00AM ● By Anand Subramanian

Collecting precious Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is the latest craze in investment and trading. It is gaining popularity all around the globe. With the popularity of NFTs skyrocketing, an increasing number of applications for creating NFTs art are entering the market, enabling anybody to produce one-of-a-kind pieces of art and perhaps benefit from their sale. Best of all, AI-generated NFTs do not need the use of a paintbrush. This has allowed many global artists to produce their hearts and earn money. Before we go into the world of AI-produced NFTs, let us define NFTs.

NFTs is a data unit that cannot be reversed. Each NFTs is unique and cannot be copied or counterfeited since it is stored in a smart contract. It may represent physical goods such as artwork and can be exchanged on many exchanges, providing a decentralized worldwide market for digital assets.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not just influencing fields like business, IT, and Healthcare. It also plays an expanding role in the creative industry by ushering in a new age of AI-generated art. AI technology and techniques are typically broadly available to anybody, helping to develop an altogether new generation of artists.

We regularly hear that AI will automate away or take over all human activities, including those in art, entertainment, and other creative professions. This, however, is not the case at all. AI is a supplementary resource for artists to reach the uncharted creative ground.

Now that we know the basics of NFTs and what function AI plays in the creative sector, let's look at the top 5 AI art generators for NFTs - 

Before we jump into this, If you want to understand the role of NFTs and the growth of African American Artists on the Platform, check out this article.

For this article, I used one of my portraits as a base and different AIs to create new artworks. 

Now let's dive into the world of infinite possibilities, shall we?

NightCafe AI 

When talking about automatic art creation tools, NightCafe is often mentioned. Despite its advanced features, it is simple enough for beginners to master. NightCafe operates on a credit system. However, the service provides a substantial free tier and several ways to "earn" credits via engagement with the user population. There are two choices available to you while using NightCafé. The first is responding creatively to a textual stimulus. The second possibility is to use various filters and creative styles on already existing photographs to transform them into digital artwork fit for minting as NFTs. When selecting the "text to picture" option, the website will prompt you to enter your desired word. To assist you get the most out of the program, it will also suggest several regularly used modifiers.


Starry AI 

StarryAI distinguishes among NFTs art-making applications since it doesn't need human input. Instead, it uses a machine learning system to analyze photos for optimal results. In addition, unlike other online AI NFT generators, Starry allows its users to keep and utilize the pictures they generate in any way they see fit. StarryAI's AI isn't as sophisticated as or any other apps on our list of top NFT creation apps, but it's getting better every day and is light years ahead of most other AI art generators. To be clear, StarryAI does charge a monthly price for its service, so if you're looking for a free NFT generator, you may want to explore elsewhere. If you don't believe StarryAI is the ideal software for making NFTs, you may cancel the subscription and get your money back.


HotPot AI

Hotpot is where you want to go if you want to watch some fantastic AI in action. A single usage of Hotpot will convince you that it is the most pleasing thing since sliced bread for those who lack artistic ability but still want to make NFTs. Here's how it operates: Hotpot uses advanced AI to turn a user's written words or phrases into NFTs artwork in minutes. A text box on the homepage is headed "What should AI draw?" Just write out anything that comes to mind, being as precise or general as you desire. If you're at a loss for motivation, check out the user-generated gallery to see what other people have written and the artwork the AI has produced. An excellent function of Hotpot is the AI Spark writer, which may be used to inspire and guide aspiring NFTs creators. Hotpot gives everyone access to limitless creative production with a monthly pass, regardless of financial situation.


Sketch AR 

As a mobile app, SketchAR allows users to design, market, and investigate NFTs. However, this program is unlike the others on our list since it employs augmented reality to convert your physical creations into NFTs. The catch is that you need some creative ability to make something of value. If you don't have any artistic ability but want to learn, SketchAR has a set of tools designed to assist you in developing your abilities inside the software. First things first: download the app and make an account. The next step is to get some paper, a few writing implements, and the SketchAR software. The next step is deciding what picture you want to draw. As soon as you choose an option, the app will employ augmented reality to show a sketch of the image onto your paper. Then you can scribble over the lines and add your personal touch. As soon as you're satisfied with the artwork, you may submit it to the app, and the software will instantly mint it into NFTs and make it available for sale on NFTs marketplace. Further, the SketchAR community and crew choose a single creative as the best of the week every week. These creators will be awarded a PRO account and have their works automatically converted to NFTs at no cost.



Artbreeder, an artificial intelligence (AI) art generator, is one of the most well-known programs of its kind. Using machine learning, the application allows you to create several iterations of a picture. In this program, you may make landscapes, anime characters, portraits, and other types of artworks. The ability to alter physical characteristics like hair and eye color is among the other features. You can turn photos into animated characters. Artbreeder also has many great features, such as hundreds of drawings and a folder system to organize them. It then generates a JPG or PNG file that may be saved to your computer.


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