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Sep 17, 2022 02:00PM ● By Lisa Harris

Black culture is by far the most powerful and authentic movement that exists. It is beautiful, strong, and unique. Personally, I have not seen anything like it. It’s amazing to see how Black culture has evolved over the years and influenced so many lives in every aspect of society. It is not just a culture, it is a state of being, a way of life and a state of mind. It is intentional, with the goal of uniting Black people and showing the world what they are capable of, despite where they may come from or what their history is. 

The importance of black culture cannot be underestimated, due to its numerous contributions to our current society; from entertainment to beauty, to business, to leadership, and even politics. It has made the difference, promoted Black excellence, and made Black people all around the world proud.  Black culture is multicultural; hence, it is inclusive of several other cultures and values. More so, I can say that Black culture has definitely inspired and influenced the origination and existence of many other cultures. 

Through culture, Blacks all around the world have learn about their roots and come to appreciate them. This has helped young people, specifically become aware of their origin; which helps a person have a more defined and focused path to the future. Black culture has also sought to bring people together and unite them through the existence of a common root or origin. It’s no secret that people who share the same beliefs and tradition tend to easily bond, influence one another, and excel together. This, and much more is what the Black culture has accomplished over the years; of which we would all like to see more. 

To an extent, Black culture has had astounding representation in all aspects of our society; which has greatly impacted the lives of Black people, and even Black kids. This has pushed other cultures to accept, respect, look up to, and include Black people in all and major aspects of society. Due to its beauty, uniqueness, and versatility, Black culture can neither be easily ignored nor overlooked. It always stands out. Moreover, everything about it has the ability to thrive and achieve greatness. 

Black culture has endured through the years, and we can only be thankful for the level of impact it has made and continues to make in our society. Since the recognition and promotion of Black culture, we have had more people search and discover themselves, and link their existence and origin to Africa – the birth place of Black culture. This has helped inspire more Black people to dream big and never give up on their dreams; as anything is possible, and they have the potential to achieve so much more than they can ever imagine. I mean, if one Black person can do it or achieve it, why can’t another Black person do or achieve the same, or even more? 

We definitely like to see more of this. More Black people striving, achieving, inspiring other Black people and promoting Black culture. More importantly, the Black culture is a significant part of our society, and we want nothing more than to see it thrive and continue to impact the young generation.