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Ancient Egyptian Fashion

Jan 23, 2023 09:00AM ● By Burns Johnson

Ancient Egyptian fashion is often a fascinating topic to explore, as it reveals not just the styles of clothing and the materials used but also the cultural values of the time.

In ancient Egypt, men and women wore light and airy clothing, as the climate was hot and dry. The most common fabrics were linen and wool, dyed in bright colors. Men typically wore kilt-like skirts or loincloths, while women wore dresses with straps over their shoulders. Both genders also wore jewelry and cosmetics. 

The ancient Egyptians were very creative in their fashion choices, which varied depending on one's social status. For example, Pharaohs and other wealthy citizens could afford to have their clothes made from finer fabrics such as linen. In contrast, poorer people had to make do with coarse woolen materials. Jewelry was also a marker of social status, with more affluent citizens able to afford elaborate pieces made from gold or silver. 

Ancient Egyptian shoes were usually made from leather and designed to protect the feet from the hot sand. They were either strapped on like sandals or tied with laces like sneakers are today. The shoe style depended on one's social status; for example, Pharaohs would wear more ornate shoes than peasants.

Clothing for Men and Women

Clothing in ancient Egypt was made from various materials, including linen, leather, and wool. Egyptians typically wore light clothing due to the hot climate. Men and women wore tunics, men wearing theirs above the waist and women below. Women also wore dresses and skirts. Both genders occasionally wore protective clothing such as armor or shields.

Footwear was also influential in ancient Egyptian fashion. Sandals were made every day, particularly for men. Women sometimes wore sandals, but they were more likely to go barefoot. Shoes also worn were in certain ceremonies and rituals.

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Famous Footwear for Ancient Egyptians

Many types of footwear were popular among ancient Egyptians, both men and women. For men, sandals were the most common type of shoe, while women tended to wear closed-toe shoes or sandals with straps. Some of the more popular brands of footwear for ancient Egyptians include:


Deshret Sandals: These were made from papyrus and were popular among men and women. They often decorated them with colorful beads or sequins.

Hekt Sandals: These were made from leather and were popular among wealthier Egyptians. They often had gold or silver embellishments.

Kilt Sandals: These sandals were made from papyrus and leather and worn by soldiers and athletes. They provided good support and protection for the feet. 

Goblet Sandals: These sandals were made from animal hide and were popular among men. They had flat soles and provided more stability than other sandals.

Khat Sandals: These sandals were made from woven papyrus and were popular among men and women. They often featured colorful patterns or designs. 

These are just a few of the most popular types of footwear for ancient Egyptians.

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Ancient Egyptian footwear also continues to be popular today. Men and women wore sandals, often made from leather or reeds. Sandals were held with straps wrapped around the ankle or calf. Ancient Egyptian fashion is a fascinating topic studied for centuries. From pleated skirts and tunics to sandals and leather boots, we can glimpse this unique civilization's style choice through its clothing and footwear. With such an array of options available, it's no wonder why Ancient Egyptians were so stylish!

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