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5 Black Podcasts to Listen To

Mar 03, 2023 10:00AM ● By Kyrah Page

I had little knowledge of podcasts growing up. Who wants to hear someone talk for hours on end? I found them to be dull. My opinion of podcasts, however, shifted as I grew older. I learned to enjoy and respect the craft of podcasts as my college schedule got busier, and I was exposed to more. Podcasts are a way to hear other perspectives, stay caught up on current events, or laugh.

“Small Doses”, a podcast by Amada Seals, was the first I ever listened to. I frequently turned in to her podcast since it was so humorous and realistic. I’m unsure if it was the subjects she covered or how engaging she made what she said sound, but I found myself interested and engaged. I believe that more individuals are starting podcasts today and becoming more pertinent. With that said, I’ve listed a few podcasts below that are run by Black people that I’ve either been recommended or have personally listened to!

1. Code Switch


 This NPR podcast explores race, ethnicity, and cultural issues and how they intersect with various aspects of American life.

2. The Nod


This podcast, hosted by Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings, explores Black culture, history, and identity, often through personal anecdotes and humor.

3. Still Processing


This New York Times podcast, which Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris host, examines pop culture, politics, and social issues from a Black perspective.

4. Black Girl Podcast


This podcast features a group of Black women discussing everything from pop culture to race and politics, often through a feminist lens.

5. The Stoop


Hosted by journalists Hana Baba and Leila Day, this podcast explores stories from the Black diaspora, often through personal anecdotes and interviews.


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 Kyrah Page is currently a student at Lincoln University. She is also the CEO and founder of her own brand called “Keepin’ It Kultured.” Where she combines art with activism to empower, inspire and educate the Black community. She advocates for change, promotes black positivity, and addresses controversial issues. Kyrah is many things but most importantly she is an activist.

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