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Men's Linen Suits For Summer Weddings: Inspirations For Black Grooms And Their Crew

Jul 05, 2024 12:00PM ● By Gift Joe
Photo by Key Notez from Pexels

There are millions of different suits out there and most are made in a variety of fabrics, with wool dominating. While wool reigns supreme for suits, its weight makes it less than ideal for the scorching summer days. Are you planning a July wedding? You may want to go for linen, which absorbs less moisture than cotton and is a great choice for hot days. When it comes to summer weddings, linen suits for men are the perfect choice. They offer a cool, breathable, and stylish alternative to traditional wool suits.

Another important thing to consider when choosing suits is the fit. You may be wearing the most expensive suit but if it doesn’t fit, no one will look twice at you. Every suit needs to fit well to look good. You need to know what works for your body type. It worked for your friend does not mean it will work for you. You need to pay attention to the silhouette of the suit and choose a style that flatters your body type.

If you have a lean or athletic build, you should go for slim-fit suits. It is close-fitting, hugs your body, and emphasizes the body's natural shape.

The regular fit, also known as the classic fit is suitable for any body type. It isn't too tight or loose and provides the perfect amount of comfort, especially around the chest and shoulders.

There is also the modern fit suit which is positioned between the slim fit and classic fit suit. It is more fitted than classic suits but less restrictive than slim fit, catering to individuals with a variety of body types.

Whether you're a dapper groom looking to get through the wedding day without overheating or a groomsman hoping to make the ladies swoon, this curated selection of linen suit looks will help you find inspiration for that July wedding. Also, no need to break the bank while trying to look good as these are budget-friendly.

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Single-breasted Linen Suit


For gentlemen who are shorter or of a larger build, a single-breasted suit is the best option. It creates a clean silhouette that elongates your frame and gives you an impression of greater height. For best results, choose a solid color block and avoid heavy patterns and double-breasted suits that will cut you off at your waist. You should know that luxury brands and high-end retailers will be significantly more expensive than budget-friendly brands or online retailers.

You can get this 2-piece tailored fit single-breasted one-button suit for as low as $97.99 online.

Double-breasted Linen Suit


If you're looking for a slimming effect, then this is the suit for you. It is suitable for a taller, more athletic body type. It brings increased attention to your shoulders, making you appear leaner and helping accentuate that coveted ‘V’ silhouette. In most cases, this suit is seen with 6 buttons. You can go to a department store and buy on sale for $100–$200. Getting one from Men’s Wearhouse could be anything from $300–$400. 

However, you can get this Double Breasted 2 Piece Linen Suit for between $60 - $80 on Amazon.

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3-piece Linen Suit

A 3-piece suit can be a versatile and flattering choice for all men regardless of age or body type. It includes both pants, a vest, and a jacket. You will find a variety of models, colors, and brands online. Turns out you can get it for around $350 to $800, or even less, depending on your preference.


Three-Button Linen Suit

The three-button will make you stand out from the crowd, giving you a dapper look. This style works best on a man who is lean and has an athletic build. The buttons of this suit type come up to your chest, which may not look good on short men. The price will depend on the quality of the linen. Higher quality linen, like pure Italian linen, will be more expensive than a blend with other fibers like cotton or polyester.


Notch Lapel Linen Suit

This is suitable for any body type, but it is important to consider the width of that lapel. Men with a slimmer build should opt for narrow lapels, while men with a larger build should opt for wide lapels.


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Classic-fit Men’s Suit

This suit provides an excellent shape to the body and does not look baggy. It is the best for larger body frames, with a wider cut at the waist and chest, that allows you to move freely.


Brands like Mango, Banana Republic, Mr. Porter, and the like offer excellent options that focus on comfort and style. About $200 or more could get you something nice.

Modern Fit Suit

If you are not sure of pulling off the slim fit suit but want to still look like the classic gentleman, consider the modern fit suit. It works well on a triangle-shaped body, delivering a tight look with breathing room to spare. You can pay up to $5,000 for this suit but you can also pick up a good quality for around $500. You can also get it for less if you watch for sales.

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The Relaxed-Fit Linen Suit

This is perfect for larger body types, providing comfort and ease of movement. If you are a man who carries weight around the midsection, a relaxed fit suit can provide a more comfortable fit without appearing too tight. You might find some deals or sales at discount retailers or online marketplaces. Prices range from between $150 to over $500.


Keep in mind that quality and price are linked, but one is not a guarantee of the other. A higher price does not always guarantee a better suit. Some ‘cheap’ suits are surprisingly well made and last several years provided they are well cared for. If you decide to buy off the rack, consider budgeting a little for alterations. At the end of the day, what is important is the fit, fabric, and overall construction of the suit. Remember, a well-fitting suit will flatter your body type and make you look polished and confident.

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