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Claim Your 2021 Stimulus Payment Before It's Too Late

Jul 10, 2024 12:00PM ● By Dr. Nikia Owens, President and CEO of Campaign for Working Families

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges, and the 2021 stimulus payment, part of the American Rescue Plan, provided up to $1,400 per eligible individual, plus additional amounts for dependents. This financial support was crucial for many families. If you missed your 2021 stimulus payment, there Is still time to claim it. The deadline to file for the 2021 Recovery Rebate Credit and receive your stimulus payment is April 15, 2025. Campaign for Working Families offers FREE tax preparation services to help you navigate this process and get the money you deserve.

Reasons You Might Have Missed Your Stimulus Payment

  1. Income Changes: Your previous tax returns might have shown income too high for eligibility, but changes in 2021 could make you eligible.

  2. New Dependents: Dependents added in 2021, such as newborns, might not have been accounted for in previous stimulus payments.

  3. Non-Filing: If you did not file a tax return for 2019 or 2020, the IRS might have lacked the information needed to send your payment.

  4. Incorrect Information: Errors in your tax return or outdated banking information could have caused delays or misdirected your payment.

How to Claim Your 2021 Stimulus Payment

To claim your missed 2021 stimulus payment, file for the Recovery Rebate Credit on your 2021 tax return. Here is how:

  1. File a 2021 Tax Return: Even if you do not usually file taxes, you must file a 2021 tax return to claim the Recovery Rebate Credit.

  2. Complete the Recovery Rebate Credit Section: Fill out the section on your tax return specifically for the Recovery Rebate Credit with the information about the stimulus payment(s) you should have received.

  3. Submit Your Return: Submit your completed tax return to the IRS. If eligible, the IRS will add the Recovery Rebate Credit amount to your refund or reduce the tax you owe.


Although the deadline to claim your 2021 stimulus payment is April 15, 2025, it is important to act now. DO NOT leave money on the table. Campaign for Working Families provides FREE tax preparation services. 

Contact CWF at 215-454-6483 or visit today. Let us help you secure the funds you deserve.


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