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Color Therapy

Color Therapy


Shown by model Fatu

Our model wears a royal blue pashmina scarf as a headdress with a queen blue and white crystal necklace with gold chain.

Fatu appears with a royal blue and gun smoke metal fringe necklace, fashion over-sized solitaire cocktail ring and crystal bracelet all by Miss Mahogany Boutique. The color BLUE makes us calm and will give deep inner peace and insight. BLUE creates the open space for clear communication so wear it when making a presentation or when you are planning to say something important. 


The color VIOLET stimulates emotions and is good for inspiration. When trying to be aware of your inner voice and your spirituality or higher mind power this color will help to keep you on track to being your best self. Our model is wearing a red and purple paisley cotton scarf as a headdress, violet and white crystal starburst earrings with violet pearls, and a copper and amethyst necklace, all by Miss Mahogany Boutique.


ROSE/PINK represents softness, gentleness and self-love. Pink can also denote romantic love. When wearing pink our mood revolves around happiness and joy! If you're in a bad mood think Pink!

Our model, Fatu, is wearing a hot pink and white scarf by Vince Camuto as a headdress, a pink crystal tennis necklace in a gold setting and pink crystal stud earrings by Miss Mahogany.


Boutique and Face by Facenda

Miss Mahogany Fashion Specialty Shopping; Aisha Al-Muid, CEO; 144 S. 60th Street Philadelphia, PA 19139; [email protected]; 215.768.9192 Miss Mahogany represents a "Girl's Best Friend", a favorite shopping destination for young women, teens, and tweens!