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Our Team

 Adebowale Maliq • Video Editor

 I'm Adebowale Maliq, a video editor, cinematographer, and content creator with a knack for breaking down videos and diving deep into cinematic concepts. I've had the pleasure of working with a bunch of awesome brands, and I'm all about turning creative visions into reality. I've worked on some major projects from corporate videos and commercials to documentaries and creative films. No matter the project, I bring a mix of technical skill and creative flair to make sure it stands out. For me, it's all about storytelling. Every frame has a story to tell, I love crafting visually stunning and emotionally engaging videos. When I'm not behind the camera or editing, I'm creating content and sharing my insights with a growing community. I love exploring new ideas and staying ahead of the trends. I aim to push the boundaries of video production, creating works that are not just good but exceptional.

 Aisha Al-Muid • Columnist

Aisha Al-Muid M.Ed. is the columnist behind "Culture Style-fluencers". As a youngster she took an interest in high fashion magazines (Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Essence) and had an opportunity to intern at Essence magazine in the late 90’s. Aisha spent time working in retail at Barneys’ New York and eventually she opened a retail boutique, Miss Mahogany in West Philadelphia 2014-2016 featuring stylish fashion accessories. The passion for fashion and style  is an intricate part of her life that has driven Aisha to contribute to FunTime magazine as a writer and style-fluencer since 2015.

 Alissa Yamazaki • Web Developer

Alissa Yamazaki is a web developer who helped launch FunTimes Magazine from print to online publication. She has a background in Medicine (University of Debrecen in Hungary) and Human Biology (BA, Brown University). In her spare time, Alissa enjoys creating new web applications and drawing comics.

 Anand Subramanian • Contributing Writer / Photographer

Anand Subramanian is a freelance photographer and content writer based out of Tamil Nadu, India. Having a background in Engineering always made him curious about life on the other side of the spectrum. He leapt forward towards the Photography life and never looked back. Specializing in Documentary and  Portrait photography gave him an up-close and personal view into the complexities of human beings and those experiences helped him branch out from visual to words. Today he is mentoring passionate photographers and writing about the different dimensions of the art world.

Belinda Nzeribe • Contributing Writer

Belinda is a contributor for FunTimes Magazine. She runs creative writing clubs in high schools and lives with her husband and three children in Lagos, Nigeria. Her other passion is child literacy and she manages a charity working to improve reading levels of kids in low income communities. She is becoming adept at stealing time here and there to finish her novel. Belinda holds varied degrees in Theatre and Film, Public and Media Relations, International Affairs and Pre-Primary Education.

 Boitumelo Masihleho •  Contributing Writer

Boitumelo Masihleho is a South African digital content creator. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Rhodes University in Journalism and Media Studies and Politics and International Studies.  She's an experienced multimedia journalist who is committed to writing balanced, informative and interesting stories on a number of topics. Boitumelo has her own YouTube channel where she shares her love for affordable beauty and lifestyle content. 

Burns Johnson  •  Social Media Personnel

Immanuel Burns Johnson is a young and dedicated social media
personnel. He was born, raised and schooled in Lagos, Nigeria. His
hobbies include traveling, sports, political criticism and mobile games
like C.O.D.M. Apart from these; he is also interested in skydiving and
aeronautics. He is skilled in web coding and has a trait of hard work.
This has helped him become successful in his field at a young age.

 Diamond Jones • Writer and Content Creator

Diamond Jones joined the FunTimes family as an intern while earning her Bachelor's degree from Temple University. After graduating in 2018, Diamond decided to stay with FunTimes continuing her role as a writer and content creator for social media. In addition to writing, she also enjoys reading, traveling, and art. Working at a magazine has always been a dream. As a child, she would collect and study popular entertainment publications such as Word Up and Teen Vogue. Diamond hopes to continue to create content that will inspire and entertain.

Edward Richard Ubong • Creative Executive

Creative Person with years of experience in Advertising, Media Management, Graphic, Digital Marketing, Client Service, Event Management / Planning and Activation. With the hunger to do more and great drive for achieving results.

Dr. Eric Nzeribe DBA, MS • Publisher

Dr. Eric John Nzeribe is the Publisher of FunTimes Magazine and has a demonstrated history of working in the publishing industry since 1992. His interests include using data to understand and solve social issues, narrative stories, digital marketing, community engagement, and online/print journalism features. Dr. Nzeribe is a social media and communication professional with certificates in Digital Media for Social Impact from the University of Pennsylvania, Digital Strategies for Business: Leading the Next-Generation Enterprise from Columbia University, and a Master of Science (MS) in Publication Management from Drexel University and a Doctorate in Business Administration from Temple University.


"The Interplay Between Social Identity Formation and Social Media Adoption"

My dissertation examined the dynamic relationship between social identity formation and the adoption of social media platforms. It was motivated by the need to understand how digital interactions influence individual and group identities within diverse communities. The key findings suggest that social media platforms act as agents of identity reinforcement and spaces facilitating new social dynamics and identity formations. The implications of this work are significant for developing strategies that leverage social media for community building and addressing issues related to digital inclusion and representation.

 Ezechukwu-Nwagwu Victoria  • Executive Assistant to the Publisher

Victoria Ezechukwu-Nwagwu is the Executive Assistant to the Publisher of FunTimes Magazine. She is a communication enthusiast with a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication. She is passionate about learning new things and influencing creative innovations.

 Jennifer K Smith  • Host, FunTimes Magazine Live & Virtual Events

Jennifer is a seasoned host, singer and marketing professional who loves writing and interacting with FunTimes' diverse community. Her background includes many years of managing sales and marketing teams, church choirs and her family's crazy schedule. She's a faithful wife and mom and feels blessed that God allows her to hold her family close. Jen is a restaurant owner who loves serving with the FunTimes team because it gives her a chance to bring a lively, unifying presence to the center of African diaspora issues and content. Jen has a BA in Broadcast Journalism from Temple University and a Masters degree from Drexel University in Publication Management. 

Joseph Warkreh T-Toe • Associate Editor Emeritus

T-Toe is Associate Editor Emeritus of Funtimes Magazine. He holds an Associate in Journalism from the Ghana Institute of Journalism in Accra, Ghana. He once served as Foreign News Editor at the Liberia News Agency (LINA). He is author of The Voice My Silence, an anthology African poems and short stories (under revision), and two children’s books – Fatu and Lake Piso and The Adventure of Little King Dahhena. T-Toe also serves on the boards of Christ International Baptist Church and Tip Global Educational Resources (TGER) in Philadelphia. 

Karen Warrington • Opinion Columnist

Karen Warrington has had a decades long career as a broadcast journalist, communications professional, performing artist, and documentary filmmaker. She has traveled extensively throughout Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. She is committed to being a voice for the African Diaspora.

Laura Elam  •  Photographer


Laura Elam has been working with media entities for more than two decades and is a seasoned photojournalist who meticulously documents even the tiniest details of events in order to convey their emotional impact. During her youth, Laura coined the name "Keep Time In Place With Laura's Photos" in reference to a church photographer who annually captured family photographs. This experience motivated Laura to found her company, whose mission is to assist families in maintaining an organized annual photo chronology by capturing marriages, graduations, and family gatherings of low-income families in order to safeguard historical family value. Southern parents reassured Laura that genuine effort, difficulty, and compensation constitute the most efficacious means of attaining success. Having spent her childhood in Philadelphia, she witnessed firsthand the significance of strong personal values, unwavering commitment, and community development support.


By acquiring an all-encompassing comprehension of photography's foundational components and strata, Laura honed her aptitude for utilizing industry-standard software, including Adobe Photoshop, to produce images in conventional and digital formats. Moreover, she mastered the business technique at Peirce College in Philadelphia, from which she earned a bachelor's degree in business and a master's degree in organizational leadership to study the impact of the value of work-life balance.

Vision and Mission 

Engaging in contract photography for reputable news agencies and non-profit organizations in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware, Laura covers global conferences affiliated with organizations dedicated to storytelling, education, health and family history. By employing images, narratives, and medical records as instruments to facilitate and modify an individual's health narrative, the "My Our Life; Story" program can provide reasonable assistance in the development of a platform for sharing medical history, which has the potential to significantly enhance the way one lives.

Practical Experience 

Laura's year-long contributions as a photojournalist to local publications, such as the Philadelphia Tribune, Philadelphia Sunday Sun, WURD, and Fun Times Magazine, have equipped Laura  to collaborate with the paper's staff and achieve its objectives. Her photographs documented the following notable individuals and organizations during this period: President Joe Biden, President Barack Obama, Charles L. Blockson, Colin L. Powell, Melba Moore, Ms. Trudy Haynes, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Timberland, and Jill Scott; the Avenging the Ancestors Coalition (ATAC) in collaboration with attorney Michael Cord; ManUpPhilly in partnership with Solomon Jones; the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists (PABJ); the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ); and various military events. Laura  determined that photographs serve as chronicles of occurrences, including several pivotal moments that transpired in Philadelphia, to hold on to timeless moments. Laura Elam's "Keep Time in Place" photography collection aims to inspire individuals to construct historical values using old and new images.

 Lavonne Nichols  •  Host, FunTimes Magazine Live & Virtual Events

Lavonne Nichols is a singer, community organizer, multimedia host, influencer, and certified adverse childhood experiences (ACES) trainer. She is the founder of Say Something Good LLC, where she provides empowerment music, training, and coaching to women who have been through trauma using an arts-based, healing-centered approach. Lavonne believes in using all of her God-given gifts and talents to empower the people around her, so she volunteers extensively and sits on several boards to ensure that resources are accessible to her community.  With over 20 years of experience providing programming to vulnerable communities and her love for the creative arts, she combines these two passions whenever possible. She is excited to be a part of the Fun times family, hosting and coordinating events. Lavonne has an associate's degree from Camden County College in early childhood education, a bachelor's degree in liberal studies and childhood studies from Rutgers University, and a master's degree from Eastern University in organizational leadership with a focus in social entrepreneurship.

 Maria Murphy-Bush •  Funtimes Special Projects Manager

Maria has worked in the field of Human Services for over 25 years. She has retired from active professional service since 2020  having taken on the role of caregiver for family members. She brings to FunTimes a plethora of experiences including recruitment, case management, public speaking and parent preparation trainer. Maria has spent most of her professional experience having worked in the field of foster and adoption services.  Prior to retirement she spent time assisting in life skills with women in transition to independent living. Maria also has performed and toured  as a soloist vocalist both with her church and professional gospel choirs. Maria is active with her church in both culinary and music ministries.  She is married with 1 son.  Her educational background is in human services.  

Dr. Ngozi Onuoha, MD, MBA-HCM • Collaborating Physician and Health Advocate 

Dr. Ngozi Onuoha is a Primary Care Physician, who is Board Certified in Internal medicine and Geriatric Medicine. 

She received her medical training in Nigeria, the United Kingdom and The United States of America. 

Dr. Onuoha has completed a Masters in Business administration in Healthcare Management at Western Governors' University. In addition to her work as a clinician, Dr. Onuoha is passionate about helping people optimize their health goals through her writings, outreach and volunteerism. 

  Okechukwu Nzeribe • Contributing Writer

Okechukwu Nzeribe is a contributing writer at Funtimes Magazine. Known for his human-angle storytelling and insightful commentary, Okechukwu's writing explores the diverse cultural landscapes of Africa and blacks in the Diaspora. His work effortlessly weaves together narratives that is relatable to readers worldwide. With a background in Mass Communication and Political Science, Okechukwu’s articles offer a unique perspective on diverse topics ranging from entertainment, culture, travel, and lifestyle. His work makes him a valuable asset to Funtimes, where he continues to inspire and engage readers with each new piece.

 Oluwadamilola Faith Akindolire •  Associate Editor

Oluwadamilola is a versatile professional with a passion for digital marketing and social media. Graduating with a degree in Chemistry, she discovered her true calling in the dynamic world of online marketing and content creation.

As a Digital Marketing Associate, she brings a unique blend of analytical thinking and creative flair to the table. Her expertise extends to crafting engaging online experiences that resonate with audiences. Oluwadamilola is no stranger to the art of storytelling, using her editorial skills as the Associate Editor at FunTimes Magazine to curate captivating ideas.

What sets Oluwadamilola apart is her unwavering commitment to learning and staying on the cutting edge of digital trends. She thrives on challenges and is always eager to explore new horizons in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

When she's not immersed in the digital realm, you can find Oluwadamilola pursuing her creative passions or embarking on new adventures in search of inspiration.

 Uju Nwagu • Social Media Manager 

Uju Nwagu is a social media manager and content creator at FunTimes Magazine. She is also in charge of creating comics along with producing videos and other materials used for content marketing. Uju currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria. She has a Master's degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Ibadan. Her passion is music. She is a faithful chorister, belonging to a few choral groups (her alumni group inclusive).You can connect with her on Instagram @juby_lindas.

 Randy Giancaterino • Public and Media Relations Consulting

Randy Giancaterino, 59, has been in communications for more than 40 years as a writer and public relations specialist.  He managed communications for the Office of City Representative for more than 19 years. For eight years of his City government career, he coordinated communications for the City Commerce Department and Office of Arts and Culture, which were part of the Office of City Representative. 

The lifelong Philadelphia resident has overseen promotional efforts and planning for such events as Wawa Welcome America!, the Liberty Medal Presentation, Live 8, 2008 Phillies Victory Parade, 2017 Eagles Super Bowl Parade, Villanova NCAA Championship Parade in 2016, Mummers Parade, numerous City Council Inaugurals, Philadelphia Marathon, the Philadelphia College Festival/Campus Philly Kick-Off and other City ceremonial events -- both small and large. He has worked on events with many world figures and celebrities, from Elton John to Sylvester Stallone. He managed all aspects of public relations including message development, logistics, programming, branding, collateral materials, web-based content and press outreach. 

Giancaterino worked in the human-service community sector at United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania, implementing a branding initiative, an award-winning advertising campaign. He was responsible for the organization’s successful United Neighborsproject, a bi-weekly bilingual information page published in print and on-line at The Philadelphia InquirerPhiladelphia Daily News andAl Dia, reaching more than one million readers and generating significant exposure for United Way’s issue areas. He widely promoted annual campaigns that raised $52 million.

Prior to his public relations career, he was a national writer and award-winning community journalist covering general news, sports politics, police in many Philadelphia neighborhoods for 17 years. He also worked in federal government at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.

  Sandra  (Sandy) D. Lawrence • Associate Publisher  '

Sandy is a Deaconess at the Vine Memorial Baptist Church.  She is retired and has worked in the field of elementary education and adoption/foster and geriatric social work. She is founder and CEO of ICAP Inc (Intergenerational Community Alliances & Programs Inc.) a nonprofit organization. It provides workshops and motivational speaking on select topics.  Sandy is an amateur Storyteller and has authored 2 adoption specialty children’s books and has published an inspirational book for women available on amazon titled "Weaving the Threads of Faith… Sisterly Encouragement 1." The Part 2 is soon to be released.  She has held/holds membership in various socially impacting organizations promoting the betterment of women, children/families and seniors.  She is associate publisher and advisory board member to FUNTIMES Magazine. Sandy is the mother of son, Rasheen.  She lives the philosophy that “If I can help somebody along the way than my living is not in vain..” 

You can reach our team members at [email protected].