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African/Caribbean Storytelling 

Community Voices Fund

The Community Voices Fund was created by the Independence Public Media Foundation “to elevate community voices and community solutions as the Covid-19 crisis exacerbated the pervasive structural inequalities in our region. The Fund has supported projects that document, share, and preserve people’s experiences and stories, foster community connections through creative media making, and strengthen community-owned and community-led media.”       

FunTimes Magazine and AFAHO were among 2020 recipients of the Community Voices grant. FunTimes would capture the stories and impact of COVID-19 on African/Caribbean immigrant frontline workers, while the grant supports AFAHO’s “intergenerational storytelling project aimed at preserving the oral traditional history of the African diaspora while facilitating communication and cultural exchange among young and elderly members of Philadelphia’s African immigrant and refugee communities.”

The following features are part of the African/Caribbean Storytelling project that is sponsored by IPMF under the Community Voices series.

Afia and Owusu Bonsu, Ghanaian-American Entrepreneurs, On Operating Transnational Businesses During COVID-19

Dr. Alfredo Alexander, Panamanian-American Dentist and Decorated War Vet, Fulfills the American Dream during COVID-19

Fresh Perspective: How Fresh Grocer’s Mouna Haidara Uses Empowerment to Lead by Example During COVID-19


 Immigrants on the Front Line: Maxine Anderson Uses Intellect to Succeed During COVID-19

Bouakary Coulibaly Lived to Tell the Tale: An African Immigrant Taxi Driver’s Testimonial During COVID-19
Careda’s Caribbean Cuisine Soars Despite COVID-19 Turbulence


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