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Gold Blooded / Mommy's Love



My name is Rayna Weddington. I am 22 years old. I was born and raised in West Philadelphia. I attended and graduated from Central High School, and then from there went straight into college which I regret. I would have loved to take some time off before jumping into debt. Nevertheless I attended Rosemont College for almost 4 years before deciding to take some time off from school.

I did not graduate but I did major in Communications and minored in studio art. I aspire to be a director soon. I want to produce a variety of films such as documentaries, short films, movies, and shows. I believe that God has a plan for me so I never hesitate to step out on faith.

Gold Blooded

By Rayna Weddington

How could you not know? In what ways do you not see? That our blood comes from royalty. You see, Those pyramids across the sea Did not just appear out of thin air Is it not clear? They taught us that we were caught and bought from the jungles of West Africa Auctioned off on wooden planks Like fine china and expensive minks. But don't blink, Or you will never see your child again. The plot was to destroy The people from within. We were snatched from the womb of the Motherland Like Brenda's baby found in the trash can. It's no different than the little babies they used as alligator bait down in the Bayous Or the young Kings being slain and displayed on the channel 5 news. You see, I too was once asleep like the sheep in the pasture. Now I couldn't tell you any faster How my blood comes from royalty And how our blood poured from the branches of those trees The games they play The lies they feed Righteous folks take heed For our blood comes from ROYALTY. 

Mommy's Love

By JoAnn Hodges

I'll always be there for you, through good times and bad. My love will last forever, even if you make me sad.

I'm the one who brushed your teeth, and washed your face at night. I worried while you were out, til you came in and said goodnight.

I can look into your face, and tell when something's wrong. With just a hug and kiss, I can fill your heart with song.

I'll always be there for you, through good times and through bad. With God helping to raise you, You'll grow up as a great dad.


JoAnn Hodges is a lifetime resident of Philadelphia, PA, attending Community College of Philadelphia to enhance her Writing and Public Speaking skills. JoAnn has been writing poetry for more than a decade and believes that her ability to communicate through the art of poetry is truly a gift from God. Her 1st book: Expressions of the Heart, Poetry for the Soulwas self-published in 2008 and republished in 2009 with Xlibris Book Publishers; now available online through various distributers.

The poems in her book will make you laugh, cry, and think about situations encountered on this journey called Life. JoAnn's most recent work consists of a CD with spoken word, sound effects, and song entitled "Free". JoAnn is in the process of completing a drama production entitled "Free" to see her poetry come to life. See entitled "Free" by JoAnn Hodges. JoAnn is dedicated to empowering today's youth and was a volunteer at the Philadelphia Youth Study Center in the CommuniPower program, where she assisted in the Creative Writing and Build Your Own Business (BYOB) classes.

JoAnn has also appeared on stage at the Kensington Capa High School for their Black History program and taught a lollipop making class on Shero day. JoAnn is multi-talented and is also the owner of: Favors for Life, LLC, known for extraordinary chocolate delights; For more information contact Ms. Hodges at [email protected]; 267-307-3443

FunTimes Magazine accepts poetry submissions from both emerging and established poets. Submit up to two poems for consideration, one poem per page please. Poems should be Original and typed. Please include the author's name, email, brief biography and a photo (if available). Note that poems will be considered for publication only and authors will be contacted if their poems are selected for publication. We are hoping to pull from a wide representation of our community and will strive for creativity and quality. Send to [email protected].