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Diary of a Woman Like You

Mar 10, 2016 08:00AM ● By Siatta Scott-Johnson
This one may start off like it's just for the ladies but fellas I think you can find a seat in this car as well. Let's go! Ladies have you ever been sitting with your guy all lovey-dovey, and beaming like that sexy girl who found a new boy type of romance?


My newest catch and I were out to eat at a nice restaurant, when a very attractive young lady walked past our table right in the middle of our conversation. Whatever I was saying suddenly changed into the teacher on the Charlie Brown cartoon. His focus was on this beautifully mean, horrible lady. I just walked out of the restaurant and took a taxi home.


As I sat with guilty sweaty beads all over my face in fear that he might never call me, my phone rang and the voice at the other end spoke with the quietness of a lamb, yet the authority of a soldier. He said, "Babe, I know this is new for you, being with me is a real challenge but you've got to make a choice," and he hung up.


Today is Wednesday and I am still thinking seriously about what he told me. I am going to share this with my girls and hear from them. I am not calling him--though everything in me is hoping he will call.


How dare she steal his attention from me, I am the woman of his dreams! Of course, he told me that. It was her fault that I was about to get the worst nightmare in more than twelve months. I must find her.


It is true that I had some old habits I developed before and I am of the understanding that I was changing slowly but I am now going back to ground zero. She will surely see the other side of me when we ever meet.


Whether it is beauty, or control, she can never steal my man's attention and go on without consequences. I have laundry and grocery shopping to do but my biggest problem now is to trace her and show her the stuff I possess.


I might talk a lot about my man but what makes my conversations grow more mature is how I value the person in the middle of it. This is mainly because that person needs nourishment. I am making that call.