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Will They Clone Little Black Girls?


Will they clone Little black/girls? Who won't/ die but fight

Will they clone Little black/girls? who supplement/stamina for endless/struggles to right

Will they clone Little black/girls? like Assata--- Sonia, Tubman--- knowing what they know---

Will they clone Little black/girls? Like Nikki--- Zora, Mommy/Grandma--- who orchestrate transmutation as they go? under cloaks of duplicity and breaches/staggering/ Rhetorical-- I know

Will they clone Little black/girls? Like Billie, Betty, Ida, Winnie--- If it means/ceasing myopic views--- of sturdy women, microscopic holograms, chided with allegories, binding/ties & mistruths to tortured souls

Will they clone Little black/girls? With naps/dreads/locks/ Lost eyes fantasies Far too black regrettably female/de-feminized/fatal

Will they clone Little black/girls? to be reminded of savagery, brutality, inequality, inequity, rape & bartering amongst nasty founders & forefathers

Will they clone Little black/girls? Like Sojourner, Rosa, Fannie Lou Frances Ellen, Maxine, Angela Who braved notwithstanding, Ghettos/guns/gloom/doom/ distracted & detracted mothers mothering Who staved unequivocally And persevered erasing all doubt Of concession/digression/ misconception And their wonder---

Will they clone Little black/girls? Like Nzinga, Hapenshut, Auset, Hathor--- Who share blood & legacy Of queens/netchers… Knowing that they know From where they come Denomination/replication/re-birth/ and regeneration

Will they clone Little black/girls? With the integrity of legacy Little black/girls? Like me That won't die/ But fight

Will they clone Little black/girls? HUMP!!! I Know that's right!


Lois Moses, Esquire
As an actress, Mrs. Lois Moses has performed extensively throughout the U.S. with the Kuntu Repertory Theater in Pittsburgh and the National Black Author's Tour in Philadelphia. In addition to performing an off-Broadway run of Lady of Fadima, Moses has been an Acting Instructor and Playwright/Director at Freedom Theatre in Philadelphia, PA.

She has self-published three collections of poetry entitled, Not Just Another Black/Woman, Missing Pages (Women Behind the Glass Door), A Timely Trinity and a self-titled spoken word CD. She has performed with poets/artists/musicians such as Sonia Sanchez, Nikki Giovanni, Dr.Kimmika L. H.Williams, Regie Gibson, and Jill Scott. Moses conducts motivational workshops for women and men geared toward addressing the necessity of healing and self-evaluation.

She is an award winning filmmaker for her short film, And They Jumped into the Water Some and is working on a documentary about Dr. Kimmika L.H. Williams-Witherspoon. Moses, from Philadelphia, holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of California, a law degree from Temple University and a Master's in Clinical Psychology from LaSalle University.

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