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Graduation is Not the End ̶ It is the Beginning

Your high school or college graduation is not the end ̶ it is the beginning of a career that will likely last at least several decades. It is a fresh new start . . . a time to establish new goals and objectives for your life. Consider developing a vision board where you put pictures of where you would like to be in five to ten years. The years after your graduation are times to dream big dreams, and to surround yourself with people who care about your success. After you graduate, continue to read and grow by asking questions of other professionals. Always seek to broaden your network of contacts who can offer you tips or connect you to jobs and opportunities. Don’t be afraid to join associations or groups that are organized around your profession or trade. There are certain jobs that are only available through contacts in an association. Take on a leadership role so that you will be visible in the association. Always position yourself to help people in the association. You never know who may be watching you, and thinking that you are a candidate for a job that their company is offering. Here are more things that you should be doing after graduation: 1. Continue your education ̶ there is always more to learn. 2. Write down your goals . . . research shows you’ll likely accomplish more. 3. Get a mentor who is experienced. By Dr. Stephen Jones To read more of Dr. Jones expertise on what you should be doing after graduation, subscribe here

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