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A Healthy Living

Dr. Stephen Jones

For decades, there has been a debate about what is the best way to have a healthy life. Everyone is asking how should I fight cancer? I contend that a healthy body equals a healthy mind and results in healthy living. The American diet is full of all kinds of unhealthy food, easily accessible, that loads us up with bad calories. Many companies realize this and have started healthy life style programs to overcome their increasing health care expenses. To overcome cancer, we each must personally decide to live a healthy life.

Reducing stress greatly improves your immune system. Working 12 hours a day is not healthy. Plan some down time in your schedule every day and every week. Decide to eat well and to get fit. You need to keep your body moving to get better health results. Build an exercise time into your daily schedule. Some students need to partner with a friend to stay motivated.

Even people who are young can be hit by a health problem that can have a long term negative effect on their lives. There are people who put on 20 or 30 pounds during their first year of employment. It takes work to shed the extra pounds but it is worth it. Don’t tell yourself you can’t accomplish it. Here are some things you can do to promote healthy living and reduce cancer risks:

  1. Create a walking, running or biking schedule for you and some friends.
  2. Develop a weight loss competition with friends and co-workers.
  3. Establish a healthy eating program on the K12 school or college website.
  4. Provide support for persons who participate in health causes like a cancer walk.
  5. Join a fitness center.
  6. Get a good amount of nightly rest, take naps, this is critical for mind/body renewal.
  7. Participate with health and fitness videos on YouTube.8. Look for unprocessed, whole food choices.9. Use a personal trainer and/or health coach to help focus and persevere.
These will help you have a healthy body and mind and to fight off cancer or any diseases. Recognize that being healthy can help you to live much longer. If you are not yet following a healthy life style, now is the best time to get onboard. Either pay now, with your time and good food, or pay later with illness, pain and medical bills.

Dr. Jones is an education expert who helps students of all ages to earn A+ grades. Get the Seven Secrets of How to Study at Send an email asking question interest to [email protected].