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Porsche Delaware, Mr. Sean Johnson talks Passion, Tradition and Performance.

By Angira S. Pickens

Manufacturing great works of art and performance takes time. Hundreds of engineers and construction workers gather in an assembly line to complete the twelve steps required in building one of the greatest luxury cars known to humans: the Porsche. From the interior line to the audit stage, the production process is a delicate balance between patience and efficiency. No one understands this balance more than Mr. Sean Johnson, the General Manager of Porsche Delaware.

Mr. Johnson has been in the car business for 19 years starting as a car salesman. Now he holds a prominent position in the industry. While his climb to the coveted position of manager is noteworthy, his accomplishments would not have been possible without a strong foundation.

Mr. Johnson’s roots are firmly planted in Pennsylvania. As a native of Pittsburgh, Johnson traveled to Chester county and graduated from Lincoln University in 1991. Soon after he acquired his bachelor’s degree, he began his management career. At the tender age of 21, Mr. Johnson learned the secret to effective management. He stresses that as a manager, “you have to learn how to deal with people, you actually have to make sure that you are fair, and you have to have a process as opposed to just making snap judgments.” Alongside this mantra, Mr. Johnson also notes that having a passion for the product and understanding the nuances of all individuals in the team, makes for effective customer service.

Perhaps the quality customer service, coupled with the performance and prestige of the Porsche automobile, is why the company opened up its 24th store in the Tristate area in less than two years. Yet, customers are not only beneficiaries of high quality cars; Porsche Delaware also contributes to numerous charities and extends support to the community. Some of the local engagements are to the Ronald McDonald House, a local symphony that relies on donations to teach music to children, and local businesses that help color the community.

Just as Porsche Delaware makes an effort to give back and work alongside the community they serve, Mr. Sean Johnson finds joy in working alongside his employees to help achieve any goals they strive for. “Their success is my success and we share that together,” says Mr. Johnson as he talks about what drives the morale of his employees. Similar to the assembly line that helps to create a car founded on the principles of legacy, tradition, and performance, Mr. Johnson creates an atmosphere where those three qualities are vital to the success of a team.

“We’re passionate about Porsche. Once a person drives a Porsche, they will see that this car was built from heart, soul, and passion. There’s a pride that goes with that.”

I’m sure that no one is prouder of the great accomplishments Mr. Sean Johnson achieved than the many who have worked diligently under his unwavering wing.

Angira S. Pickens, M.A. is a part time educator, part time photographer and full-time writer and scholar. Her interests include creative writing and journalism.