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Women Breaking Educational Barriers

The most significant factor in a child's pursuit of education is the education of the mother. Mothers can help instill in their children the belief that they can become a business owner, doctor, lawyer or engineer early in a child's life. It is vital that the mother and father who are in a home continually make education a priority. Students benefit from the way that their mother motivates them to live with great career and personal aspirations. A mother can help a student to get the resources that they need to maximize their education. Children benefit when women use each day as an opportunity to expose them to books on a broad variety of topics and to promote math and science.

Courageous women have ensured that their children get anything via the best education possible. Sometimes they have to battle with their child's school. We still have a long way to go because many of our children will still be the first in their family to go to college. That is why it is so important for students to get the best education possible while they are going through their K12 experience. It is important for women to expose their children to educational events that are outside of their community. It helps when their children know that there is a bigger world than the twelve blocks where they live.

Women are making history every day at work and in their community. There are numerous sorority groups, churches and community organizations where women promote education and academic achievement. These women value the opportunity to give back to the communities where they grew up.

Throughout history, women have volunteered to help senior citizens and feed the homeless. They've served as mentors and tutors for young people. Women are the catalyst for more youth who go to college and who take up trades. Women remind children that there are no limits to what they can accomplish when they have the right type of drive and desire.

Women play a major role in preparing their children for college and a career early in their lives. When a woman:

  • has positive expectations for their child, they flourish; ยท has limited education but encourages their child to have big goals, children thrive more.
  • pursues additional education, she has a greater chance that her child will have a positive educational experience too.
Women who are devoted to exposing young people to their greatness change the future of an entire community. Because of their efforts, students who have no educational goals are now starting to blossom and pursue higher education. They are helping their families and others to take the limits off of who they could become. They are seeking new experiences that will broaden their own career options and progress.

Women demonstrate that a postsecondary education can help anyone to accomplish great things every day. They own companies, become mayors, physicians, designers and lawyers and other places of employment. It all starts when women have a big vision for their own future. Throughout history, women have fought to work in professions that are traditionally held by men. Their persistence has been a tremendous benefit to the diversity of places of employment all over the country.

Women must continue to break down these barriers. We need more women who are in leadership in every profession because they can mentor other potential leaders and their own children to have higher goals for themselves. The future is bright as women continue to challenge themselves to maximize their career opportunities in every career that is available. It may require additional education and training, but it is worth it. We should all watch for the next bright star in politics or the CEO of a fortune 500 company. The best is yet to come.

Dr. Stephen Jones is an outstanding educator, keynote speaker, consultant and author. Dr. Jones has been instrumental in helping thousands of students to realize their dream to earn a degree. Dr. Jones has dedicated his life to diminishing the academic gap that prevents students from achieving their dreams. Dr. Jones is the author of the Seven Secrets of How to Study, the Parents Ultimate Education Guide and the Ultimate Scholarship.