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Life After Graduation: Make it Count

Dr. Stephen Jones

Your high school or college graduation is one of the most significant points in your life. Right now, you may have many questions about the right direction to go with your life. Take your graduation as a fresh new start and a great opportunity for positive change. Establish new goals and objectives for your life and write them down. Make your goals measurable. Consider developing a vision board where you put pictures of where you would like to be in five to ten years. The years after your graduation are times to keep writing down big dreams. Take the time to surround yourself with people who are more successful and knowledgeable than you are today. Continue to read and grow by asking questions of other professionals. Keep seeking to broaden your network of contacts who can offer you tips or connect you to jobs and other educational opportunities.

Get more education. It is one of the greatest ways to separate yourself from the crowd. You can work toward a college degree or attend a trade school. Getting credentials can open doors to certain job opportunities. Don’t be afraid to join associations or groups that are organized around your profession or trade. There are certain trade jobs that are only available by contacting the association. Take on a leadership role so that you will be visible in the association. Always position yourself to help others. You never know who may be watching you, who may decide to help you. Here are more things that you should be doing after graduation

  1. Continue your education; there is always more to learn.
  2. Write down your goals. People who do this accomplish more.
  3. Get an experienced mentor.
  4. Take a career test; you might uncover an interest that you had not thought about.
  5. Opt to attend a community college to give you more time to decide what you want to do
  6. Consider becoming an entrepreneur. Attend classes at a small business center on a college campus.
  7. Take an internship to get your foot into the door of a company.
  8. Have a well written resume; you never know when you may need it.
  9. Conduct informational interviews to find out the education that’s required to do a certain job.
  10. Don’t hesitate to learn a trade that you can use for the rest of your life.
You are the captain of your future, so use the years after high school wisely. You are on the best journey of your life. If at college, visit the career center at your college during your first week. Position yourself to explore the world by asking questions every day. Following through on your commitments is important. When you meet someone get their card or contact and follow up information. You never know what opportunities are awaiting you when you call the person and schedule a meeting.

When you are studying, stay focused on your goal to graduate from a college or trade school.

All these choices will require organization for you to be successful. Get up every day with a sense of a strong plan to move ahead. Each day is moving you closer to your graduation and career goals. Your best day is coming!

Dr. Stephen Jones is a speaker, education advocate and author of several college preparation books The Ultimate Scholarship Guide, the Seven Secrets of How to Study and the Parent’s Ultimate Education Guide at