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Men Of Influence 2018 In This Issue

Black men have made phenomenal contributions to our communities, our nations and our world. They have raised the bar in almost every field of endeavor. They have withstood discrimination, educational disparities, lack of support and a host of other complications too numerous to mention. Yet, they not only survived but excelled.

In this section we pay tribute to some of our own who have distinguished themselves in various ways, using their skills, talents and abilities to educate, elevate and edify others.

They not only forged a path for themselves but also helped others on their own journeys. Some are journalists and broadcasters, others are authors and therapists and then there are the community organizers, lawyers and educators.

Although they have succeeded in different arenas, they all have one thing in common: They are men of influence who have touched the lives of others. For this reason, Fun times Magazine is pleased to honor and shine the light of these stars. We asked each to respond to these questions:

· What are some defining moments which helped shape you into the man that you are today? · What accomplishment or project do you consider to be the most significant in your career? · What advice would you offer young people who aspire to take on a similar role? · What can be done to bridge the gap and build relationships within the Diaspora – among African Americans, Africans and Caribbean?