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Staci Scott

As President and Executive Director of Health Partners Foundation, Staci Scott provides leadership for the Foundation through advocacy in social determinants of health for individuals and families in need in the communities and neighborhoods served by Health Partners Plans.

Ms. Scott is responsible for overall strategic planning, revenue generation, financial management, organizational development, staff management and program operations. Staci is responsible for making recommendations and executing strategies to enhance the organization’s approach to social responsibility issues, including community involvement, volunteerism, education outreach, charitable giving, sponsorship and board memberships. She holds a Master’s in Human Services from Lincoln University.

Here are her responses to the FunTimes interview questions.

What does HBCU mean to you and how has your experience impacted what you do in the community?

Attending Lincoln University as a graduate student helped me focus my energies, experience and expertise in a way that allowed me to stay true to the essence of who I am as an African American woman making her way in corporate America. Oftentimes our voices are misunderstood and categorized as angry, aggressive, or even illogical. As a result we are silenced out of fear of being perceived as difficult or of being judged.

My experience at Lincoln helped me raise my voice when it came to issues including the treatment of individuals dealing with challenging situations, vulnerable populations, and individuals perceived as the outcasts of society.

Lincoln validated my desire to stand up and be a champion and advocate for individuals who also felt silenced and judged by society. It helped me to stand a little taller and emboldened me to never cower in fear especially when advancing the cause of truth and justice.

How can the lot of HBCUs be better?

I’d like to see HBCUs take a greater role introducing middle and high school students to the value, beauty, and financial soundness of attending their schools.