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Steven Scott Bradley

Steven Scott Bradley, an alumnus of Fisk University, is current president and CEO of Bradley & Bradley Associates, Inc., a commercial and risk management firm located in Philadelphia. As Chairman of the African American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) for PA, NJ and DE, he works with a board that seeks to revitalize communities by filling the systemic void in opportunities for sustenance and ownership ˗ rather than just for survival and dependence.

He believes that there is a way to create the infrastructure necessary to rid the AfricanAmerican community of poverty, failing education, and the subsequent social issues that follow.

When FunTimes Magazine recently interviewed Scott, this is what he had to say:

What does HBCU mean to you and how has your experience impacted what you do in the community?

HBCUs mean a proud legacy of kings and queens who paved the way for generations of scholars, entertainers, politicians, civic leaders, educators, scientists, and physicians. HBCUs mean overachiever and outstanding scholars who, in the face of adversities and atrocities, still rise and make significant contributions to the African American Community, global economy and human society.

How can the lot of HBCUs be better?

HBCUs could be a lot better if alumnus became more financial contributors and recruitment ambassadors. We must use our centers of influence to direct private and public funding to restore and improve the HBCUs campuses, dormitories, science and computer laboratories, and classroom facilities. HBCUs must continue to educate and train the current and next generation of STEM leaders.