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The Beech Scholarship Fund

The Beech Scholarship Fund is positively impacting the lives of young people who are furthering their education.

The fund recently provided more than $20,000 in scholarshipsto qualified high school seniors entering Temple University, Cheyney University, Lincoln University or Community College of Philadelphia as a full-time freshman or a current full-time undergraduate student at one of the four colleges for the fall 2018 academic school year.

Seven students who are majoring in areas ranging from business to engineering and mass communications, highlight how receiving the Beech scholarship is making a difference and the importance of community service.

Anthony Cobb

Anthony Cobb is majoring in engineering and technology at Temple University.

“Receiving the Beech scholarship has lessened myfinancial burden and given me more time to focus on school work and other extracurricular activities,” he said.“Since receiving the scholarship my grades has not only increased, but my campus and community involvement has grown as well.Receiving this scholarship instilled a strong sense of community service into me. I’m always thinking of ways I can contribute to the betterment of my overall community.”

Since receiving the scholarship, Cobb helped bring a new organization to Temple University whose pillar focus is community service. SMOOTH (Strong Men Overcoming Obstacles Through Hardwork) has grown a great deal since its inception in 2016. Since then, SMOOTH organized a multitude of block clean ups, held educational programs, and taught the elderly how to usecomputers and other types of technology.

Arielle Hunt

Arielle Hunt is a kinesiology major at Temple University. This marks the fourth year that she received the Beech scholarship.

“Receiving the award for my fourth year in a row was a complete surprise. I am so happy that I have had the blessing of receiving this scholarship because it has been instrumental in helping my parents pay for my tuition and books which is extremely expensive,” she said.

“It’s great to know there are people out there who genuinely care and want to help young people like me succeed in school. The wonderful people behind the Beech scholarship like Christine Brown have left a huge impact on everyone she has come in contact with. I am so thankful to have her always in my corner if I ever were to need anything.”

Hunt has given back to the community through Beech Community Services by painting children’s faces during the Beech “Jazz on the Ave”event. She has also participated in Beech’s “Avenue of Treats” event, where she passed out candy to children and helped run a haunted house for the children to go through.

Khary Jacobs

Khary Jacobs is a junior majoring in mass communications at Lincoln University.

“Receiving the Beech scholarship has made a big impact on me by showing me that hard work will pay off in the long run and to always stay focused,” he said.“Attending college is a huge opportunity for me and it can be difficult paying for school at times.”

He gives back to the community on weekends when he comes home from school. He attends his neighborhood church and participants in daily food drives.

Ciani Ross

Ciani Ross attends Cheyney University where she majors in social relations with a concentration in criminal justice. This is her second year receiving a scholarship from Beech.

“Receiving the Beech scholarship has made a difference not only by helping with my financial burdens but by allowing me to stay active within my community,” she said.“The scholarship alone helped me to graduate in three years instead of four. I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity for the last two years.”

As one of the requirements of being a scholarship recipient, she volunteers at the annual Beech “Jazz on the Ave” event.She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. where they serve Cheyney’s campus and other organizations. Ross also attends Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church where she volunteers on a panel to talk to high school children about college.

Azure Stokes

Azure Stokes is majoring in theater at Community College of Philadelphia.

“The Beech scholarship is going to help me pay for the textbooks and supplies I will need for college, which is currently a huge help,” she said.“During my last couple of years of high school, I did not think college was within reach considering how I would have to pay for it myself. The Beech organization helped me know that there are people out there that believe in me and are willing to help me get an education so they have also shifted my mindset in a positive way.”

She gives back to the community by playing in an orchestra that performs for the community at the Kimmel Center, free of admission, and volunteering at police district events.

Anya Wescott

Anya Wescott is a Lincoln University student who is double majoring in Pan-Africana studies and mass communications.

“Receiving the Beech scholarship has made a difference because it has helped me to further my education, which is very important to me,” she said.“I take my education very seriously and I am very grateful for Beech awarding me with a scholarship.”

She serves as a mentor at the Police Athletic League in her neighborhood where she gives etiquette classes to young girls who participate in the program.

Lamar Wilson

Lamar Wilson is a pursingpursuing a bachelor’s degree in finance at Temple University.

“As a recipient of the Beech scholarship, I have been afforded the opportunity to network with future leaders and influencers from Philadelphia,” he said.“Also, I've been able to remain connected to my community through altruistic acts such as volunteering for the Jazz Festival and participating in Beech Community Services Halloween candy giveaways. In all, this scholarship has positively made a difference to me by lifting a financial burden to purchase textbooks and empowered me to become the first male in my family to earn a college degree.”

During the course of the year, he will be conducting a financial literacy presentation at a nonprofit, helping high school students prepare for college, and volunteering at partnering nonprofits during Thanksgiving.