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What Are You Thankful For?

2018 is almost over and we cannot let the year end without reflecting on how amazing the year has been to us and specifically what we are thankful for. We asked our FunTimes friends what they are thankful for in 2018 and their wish list for 2019. These are their responses.

NaaKorkoiAsuokaijaI (Barbara Johnson), 84, Retired I am thankful for feeling good and healthy again. All my children are fine and healthy. I hope for 2019 it will be the same. I hope that my health and my children's health continue good and that I will be able to travel a little more than I have been able to do this year. I hope I can travel out of the country without any problem. I want to visit my children who live in California and stay at least for one month. Hopefully I will go to Ghana and also to Liberia and see my children to see if they are doing well. And hopefully I will be able to send more supplies to some other schools in Ghana and Liberia.

Jennifer Cabrera, Flight Attendant, 39

I am thankful my husband and I are able to call ourselves home owners after the purchase of our first home this past April. My 2019 wish list:Cross more destinations off of our travel list;Spend time with my family in Puerto Rico; Read more.

Jean Vernéus, Entrepreneur, 30

I am thankful for my business SOHVA Cleaning that I established this year.My wish is to have more good customers in Philadelphia in 2019 in order to help my family, my friends and the community.

KeisanGittens, 27, Student

I am thankful for the skills I have and the support of my friends and family.I want to travel the world … to visit countries in Asia, South America and Africa next year.

Joe Stanczak, 55, Salesman

I am grateful for my health.I want to release an original song that promotes earthly wellbeing in 2019.

Naa Dede Ota l (Zemoria Brandon)

I am thankful to God for allowing me to weather each storm, each challenge, each loss of life and still remain standing, unbowed and unbroken through it all.My wish is for the continued blessings of God’s grace and mercy to:Provide inspiration to my family and extended family and the circle of so many special friends that I have been blessed to meet in this lifetime ; Offer a sense of hope for the future to those living with sickle cell disease and their families; Continue providing me with humility, understanding and wisdom in the many roles that I have been called to serve in:Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Medical Advocate, Healing Presence, Spiritual Advisor, Mentor, Enstooled Queen, Social Worker, and as an Ordained Interfaith Minister.

Monique Jones-Jacobs, 49, B2B Sales Consultant I am most thankful for my family. The love and support has been tremendous this past year and past years.My wish list for 2019: My health and travel. I turn 50 next year and I wish for continued good health and start on my travel bucket list.

Denise Fletcher, 60, retired from Kimberly-Clark First and foremost I am thankful for God, for what God has done and is about to do for my family, my husband and my health. I wish for peace, health, love, and prosperity for my entire family. May God's grace and mercy continue to bless us.

Lashonda Ham, 32, Accountant and Financial Advisor

I am thankful for my family, friends and my faith because each of those keep me going in the right direction. In 2019 I wish to travel more, volunteer more within my community and cross off one item on my chicken list.

Theresa Hamlett, Social Worker, 51 I am thankful that I am willing to praise my own authenticity.My Wish List: money, prosperity, love, faith. and hope.

Rev. Dr. Marsha Brown Woodard, Director of Supervised Ministries, Academic Advisor and Senior Lecturer in Christian Ministries

In this season of Thanksgiving I give God thanks for the countless women and men who I will never know personally but whose work makes a difference in my life. These are the people who work behind the scenes keeping offices and systems running smoothly: sanitation workers, picking up garbage and recyclable; those who maintain the gas lines so that we have heat and the electrical lines so that we have electricity; farmers, factory workers, snow plow drivers; hundreds of people continually working in ways that make our day to day lives smoother.Today I gave God thanks for their work and service.

Eugenia Azodo, Nurse and business owner, Gracious Health Home Care

2019! Year of Abundant Blessings, Prosperity, Success, and above all, Good Health. Let us shout out to 2019!! Hurree!!!

Yassah Fello

I am thankful that I am alive and well. Thankful for my family. For 2019, my top priority is to complete my education and as a family start our own business. We pray our business to be successful.

Fatu Kear, Pastor

I am thankful for good health. Thankful for my daughter’s health, my kids and family.This year marks my 20th anniversary. I am joyful. Thankful that God is taking me to another level in my spiritual life. For 2019, I look forward to doing better.

Adedoyin Otolorin, Production Manager FunTimes

I am thankful for my life and my family. Thankful for God’s grace upon my life. For 2019, I look forward to more of what God will accomplish in me. Looking forward to the progress. Let’s go 2019!

John Fello, Pastor

It’s a couple of daysuntil 2019. I am thankful for my family, life, health and shelter.One particular thing I am thankful for genuine conversations rooted in love, curiosity and respect thatare a communication of souls.When you get involved in a conversation that adds to you, it builds you up, reassures you and contributes to you. Faith comes by hearing. It is important to be grateful for those positive people. Good words reassure you and give you hope. My wish list for 2019 is to be better. I wish I can bea better person in every aspect, so I can be a positive influence in people lives.

Alvin Gueh,

I am thankful to God for good health and directing my path in life. I am also thankful to God for providing my needs and wants.In 2019, I wish to excel to a new level in every aspect of my life.

Caltonette Boah,

I’m thankful to God Almighty for life and good health, mostly for me getting to know God more (spiritual growth). My wish list for 2019 is salvation and personal relationship with God for my family, friends and loved ones. I wish for complete total and perfect healing, God’s blessings, protection, wisdom, knowledge and prosperity in Jesus name, AMEN.

Sandy Lawrence, Retired

I am thankful for:God &his son, Jesus Christ;Life; Parents who loved me;My son Rasheen and wish him great health, joy, peace, love and bountiful blessings;sound mind and wish longevity of it; Grace, mercy, God’s love and wish 1st John 3:16;Family, friends;Retirement and wish to enjoy it; Fairly good health and wish to improve it; Ancestors and wish to learn my history;I am a Black Woman & of African descent;Moments with God, power of prayer and wish to discipline time for more;Choir voice contribution and wish a Diva voice; ICAP INC.;Hebrews 11:1; Wish World Peace.

MaMaAkosua Ali-Sabree (NaaKwateokorGua I)

Being on the planet for over 7 decades has provided many opportunities for me to be grateful. I am thankful for my family which includes my new great granddaughter, for the ongoing support for the community based Annual International Locks Conference (AILC) Natural Hair, Wholistic Health and Beauty Expo. My wish list for 2019 is that the Kuumba Family Institute, Inc. (KFII) secures site control for a permanent home for AILC and other programs, that we finally realize the struggle for liberation is not over, and that globally our babies will be healthy, safe, and able to enjoy a whole life.

Sena Owereko

I am thankful for FunTimes magazine for serving as such an important platform to showcase Africans and diverse populations in the diaspora. Great work in sharing powerful stories.

Juliet Njoku, Attorney

It is quite typical for folks to search for particularly grand accomplishments, achievements, or uncommon blessings to relish in response to this question, However, I believe that the simplest and truest response for me lies in acknowledging the Grace of waking up each morning through the year. That is my Amazing Grace, and I am eternally grateful to God for counting me among the favored. That consciousness certainly makes me more appreciative of the blessings of my daughters and the little miracles that make each day memorably special!2018 has been amazingly great. Looking forward to all that the beautiful 2019 holds!!!

Zainab Kamara

In 2018, I'm thankful for my health which had been somewhat not too good during the beginning of 2018, but all thanks to almighty Allah for the enormous progress!! May he continue to improve my health Amen, and all other aspects of my life. Ameen!!! Thanks Eric my friend wish you all the best in 2019 Amen!

Dr. Marcellina Oparaoji

MY GRATITUDE: I am thankful for the gift of life, and grateful to God for simple things granted me! I deeply cherish my family, and thank God for the gifts of their health, joy,love, faith, peace, hope, and blessings; For friends, present and past, being able to call them anytime about anything; For the simple aroma of coffee; For joy of watching the cooking channel on TV; For books so good that I cry when I come to the last page; For the occasional half glass of Moscato wine at bedtime; For the recall of great chats with my parents; For that incredible feeling after I wake up from a good nap; For listening to good music and ethnic hymns at mass; For ability to encourage others; For enjoying weekend events or getaways that leave me energized and inspired for week ahead; and the giving of that perfect gift for someone and seeing the smile on their face when they open it!Happy Thanksgiving. A prosperous 2019 to all!

Diamond Jones, Student

I am thankful for my family and friends, they are an amazing support system. I am also thankful for my job, which I enjoy and my school, Temple University, which opened up many possibilities for my future. I'm thankful for all the struggles I faced this year that made me stronger. My wish for 2019 is to continue to grow into myself, and to continue to be genuine and open and grounded as I accomplish every goal I have written down for the New Year.

Eartha Holland First Lady of Green Grove Baptist Church

I’m a person of faith and I am governed by God’s word. In his word it does say “give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love, his wonderful deed for mankind.” That comes from Psalm 107: 7-8. I am so thankful because His love never fails no matter what my situation or circumstances may be. His promises outweighs my problems so I am thankful for his unfailing love. In that scripture as well, the ninth verse goes on to say, “He satisfies the thirsty and feeds the hungry with good things” and so just professionally and personally we are concerned about those that are less fortunate, the disenfranchised, the underserved and underprivileged. I am thankful I am serving a God that is blessing me and not neglecting them, all at the same time. My hopes for 2019 are that I would be able to use my God given gifts to the impact the lives of others, realizing that I am blessed to be a blessing.

Cynthia Sonpon-Oduwole

I am thankful for so many things this year, but one of the most important things I am giving thanks unto God is for is my son, Samuel Oduwole's acceptance into Quinnipiac University at the Frank H. Netter MD. School of Medicine in Connecticut. His White Coat and Stethoscope Ceremony was held on August 9th this year. Out of 87, 000 applicants, only 98 were accepted at this unique School of Medicine. He was chosen among the brightest and the best students. His ceremony was graced by his parents, John and Cynthia S. Oduwole, his siblings, Sarah, Joshua, Jemima, Elijah and Deborah Oduwole, and his girlfriend, Kara MacDonald.Samuel attended St. Barnabas, Sts. John Neumann and Maria Goretti Catholic HS, and LaSalle University. He is a unique product of Catholic Schools in Philadelphia. He also worked with University of Pennsylvania Hospital after his graduation from College.Now, we are giving thanks unto God for his continuous success in life. He will soon become a MD by the grace of God.

Rev. Beatrice Sims-African American Episcopal Church

For those of us in the body of Christ, everyday should be a day of thanksgiving.Taking time to honor God and appreciate His blessings, His grace and His mercy. I am thankful that in midst of crazy conditions and circumstances in the world today, God remains forgiving, faithful and forever merciful. For 2019 I pray that our thanksgiving be transformed into thanks giving and so that we are compelled to develop meaningful dialogue, to address past hurts, and to foster and restore relationships.