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Tom Micozzie: “The People's Mayor”

Feb 17, 2019 08:00AM ● By Andrea Lawful Sanders

It was around Martin Luther King Jr. Day, several years ago, when our company was asked to meet a man who I would soon grow to admire and respect, even as the differences that shaped our worlds would bring us together.

He is a man who stood on principles, believed what he was taught, and open to learning, when he did not always agree with you. We watched him tackle from his lens, what he may not have seen from the lens of others effectively, and what he did know and do well, is his love of community and the people he served.

That man is Upper Darby’s Mayor Tom Micozzie. Our initial contact with Mayor Micozzie was his wanting to train his entire staff on cultural sensitivities in a town that is shaped by so many different cultures; one would be hard pressed to stay abreast of it all. He recognized that diversity is something to be celebrated amidst the challenges he and his staff may face from having to be sensitized to the needs of each culture.

So, he went to work and one of the things he accomplished in our time working together, was the International Festival, which I am thrilled to see, is now an annual event. One only has to observe him for a few minutes, to understand why he has the label, “the people’s mayor,” and it was a pleasure working amongst people with the common goal of keeping Upper Darby, the place, many would call home.