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Upper Darby Council President Bonnet Supports Mayor Micozzie's Agenda

Donald Bonnett is Council President of the Township of Upper Darby. He has worked with Mayor Micozzie to advance the administration’s welcoming policy and its goal of forging a more diverse community with the immigrant population.

Bonnett, who also supports the mayor’s outreach initiatives, said, “through reaching out to the community, the mayor is very proactive. In visiting all parts of Upper Darby communities regardless of the location and the issues that still need to be solved, the council has continued to support him in his endeavor. As you know the function of the Upper Darby Council is to act as the legislative branch. We have two branches – legislative and executive. The executive branch is headed by the mayor and the president of the council heads the legislative. “As a council,” he added,“we create the laws, regulations, ordinances that give the mayor the power to make sure our community is safe.

A large part of that is, of course, our police department. Many coming from foreign countries are more apprehensive towards police enforcement. It has always been our objective from the council’s side and that of the administration to try to bridge that barrier and make them to feel that we are here to protect them and ensure their safety.

“We work very hard to create that mixture of friendliness and protection in the environment they live. In addition, the township helps to promote our business community. It is a very important achievement because If we can develop and promote our thriving business community, that can enhance our tax base and when we have the businesses that flourish, residential property owners would pay less in taxes. We have to make sure that we have a vibrant business community because it is convenient to the people. It’s a matter of convenience for the residents as well.