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Successful Aging Group

The Successful Aging Group houses companies such as the Successful Aging Home Health Care, Successful Aging Career Institute, Successful Aging Café (SA Café) and Successful Growth Academy. These are businesses in Upper Darby founded by Mr. Innocent Onwubiko. According to Mr. Onwubiko, he was able to achieve these with the help of God , his family, friends and great staff as well as support from Upper Darby Township.

Successful Aging Home Health Care provides quality and compassionate long-term assistance to older adults and those living with disabilities in the community. The home care agency, since its inception in 2003, has provided employment to thousands of PA residents most of who live in Upper Darby. The Career Institute provides short- term training that leads to long term employment and has as an excellent record in finding jobs to 98 percent of its graduates, says the CEO. “No one graduates from Successful Aging without finding a job in about one month and I mean no one ” the founder said.

The SA Cafe is an upscale African restaurant and lounge that has earned the reputation of “ the best place in town” because of its ability to provide an amazing environment for people to enjoy African, Caribbean and American food, music and entertainment. It is also there for all catering needs. No matter how small or large.

The Successful Growth Academy Child Care provides an affordable option to families who are unable to afford the huge expenses of child care and whose income may be too high to qualify for government subsidies.

Mr. Onwubiko is a graduate of both St Joseph’s and Drexel University. He talked a little about how the degrees he obtained from these schools helped him in his career. He also talked about how he loves Upper Darby and appreciates the privilege Upper Darby offered him to start and expand his businesses. As a way of showing appreciation, he supports organizations and individuals in Upper Darby as well as his community

For instance, he sponsored a billboard that promoted Upper Darby International Festival last year. He also contributed ideas as a member of the planning committee of the township’s Second Annual International Festival. “Upper Darby is a melting pot; we support the mayor’s initiative to encourage diversity,” Onwubiko said.

The Nigerian native’s bold vision for the Township includes a cultural center and a transportation hub that connects to different parts of the country. He also said that he would like to see more two way streets and more recreational facilities like an indoor soccer field to keep the youths in Upper Darby engaged. He calls on immigrant communities to seek for what they can do for Upper Darby as Upper Darby is already doing a lot for them.

When asked if he would like to run for a political position he said his interest now is to keep creating platforms that people can stand on and achieve their American dream.