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The Philadelphia Sikh Society and Upper Darby

Rajinder Kaur (Member of the Philadelphia Sikh Society, Former Secretary of Philadelphia Sikh Society)

Kaur has lived in Upper Darby for many years and loves being surrounded by so many cultures. She thinks of Upper Darby as a bouquet of flowers. Each flower is beautiful on its own, but bring them together and it makes something more beautiful and unique. Currently, she works for Multicultural Community Family Services (MCFS) a non-profit organization in the area that assist immigrants in transition.

For almost 10 years, she has helped immigrants from over 25 countries apply for citizenship and learn English. Kaur admitted that sometimes the language bariers can be a challenge, but she loves accepting challenges and has been very successful with helping others achieve their dreams of becoming American citizens. Kaur is a huge advocate for her religion. Through her religion, she hopes to continue to help others and celebrate the diversity that is within Upper Darby and Philadelphia.

“Sikhism is a very modern religion, it started in 1469”, Kaur stated. “We believe in one God, universal brotherhood and also equality. What I want to do is help create a safe environment for immigrants”. Kaur biggest hope for 2019 is that law makers are more accepting of all immigrants and in general that the world is safer place.

Narinder Singh (Philadelphia Sikh Society) 

The Philadelphia Sikh Society is a religious organization. It is located just a few feet from the Tower Theater on 69th Street. Sikhism is a religion that believes in one God and equality for all. They have many programs for the community including free meals.

Mr. Singh has lived in Upper Darby since 1987 and throughout the years has witnessed some major changes throughout the community. One huge change he has witness is the loss and rebirth of the business in Upper Darby, particularly on 69th Street. By building strong, healthy relationships the Mayor has been very supportive and active in helping not just the Sikh community, but also with bringing businesses to Upper Darby, sparking the rebirth of the shopping culture while also bringing the community together. The international festival was one of initiatives the Mayor has put into action and has been very successful with helping business and celebrating cultures.