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2019 Education Resolution

Do you have an education resolution for 2019? If not, know that this is the time to write down you plan and act on it. There are over 6000 colleges, trade schools and training programs in the United States. Make plans to talk to several admissions office staff about your education goals. Use your visit as an opportunity to ask questions about the college or program that interest you. If you are an adult learner it is a never too late to pursued your degree. People who are over 70 years old have enrolled in undergraduate programs late in life.

The best way to achieve your education resolution during 2019 is by having an accountability partner. An accountability partner is someone who will make sure that you are attending classes and completing assignments. You should share your education goals with you accountability partner. An accountability partner can be your college advisor too.

Write your education resolution down and stick to it. You should make a decision that you will not let another year go by without achieving your desire goal. You should visualize yourself sitting in a class and learning and growing. Even if you get half way to your education goal during 2019, you will be closer than you have ever been. The greatest thing that you should avoid is procrastination. It will be your greatest enemy on the days when you do not feel like working toward your education goal.

There are many outstanding and creative ways to get started toward achieving your education goals. I suggest that your start by keeping a weekly list of things to do. Then accomplish your tasks one step at a time. Remember it's time to cast off the old and focus on new opportunities. This year 2019 is an opportunity to make a big difference in the way that you feel about yourself and your future. So here are 13 things that you can do to achieve your education resolution and goals during 2019: 1. Write your education mission statement on paper 2. Identify a song that will be your theme for the year 3. Start working on your education dream today by putting an action plan on paper 4. Get started on your goal to pursue an associate, bachelors, masters or a doctorate degree 5. Get physically fit so that you can have a strong body and a clear mind 6. Start the training opportunity on your job that you've been putting off 7. Use a journal to record what you are accomplishing each week 8. Start writing that book that you've been planning for several years 9. Break into a new career by upgrading your resume and submitting it to different companies 10. Identify at least two mentors/accountability partners and keep them informed of your progress

11. Start a community organization to have a positive impact on society 12. Eat more healthy meals each week 13. Try something new that you've not done before. You may uncover a skill that you did not know about. What New Year resolutions can you add to your list? The year 2019 is full of opportunities for you to do something toward your education. It's time to think out of the box. Get started on your resolution and don't let people tell you what you cannot do. There will always be people who don't want you to pursue your dreams. The thoughts that are in your mind are the greatest limitation to what you will accomplish during 2019. Identify mentors who will encourage you and help you to keep on task. Meet with your mentor regularly. Create a dream board and paste pictures of everything that you would like to accomplish during 2019. Look at your dream board at least once a day. Think about the person who you can call right now and they would immediately help you to accomplish your education resolution. Committing to your New Year education resolution is easy to do when you follow your plan. It's time to get inspired; the best is yet to come. You can make 2019 the best year ever by accomplishing education resolution and fulfilling your personal dreams.

Dr. Stephen Jones is an education expert, authors and keynote speaker at or call 610-842-3843.