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Kenneth T. Earle

Kenneth T. Earle, also known as Kenny Culture, is an entrepreneur, a music producer and a digital media mogul. He is the founder of Great Inventors LLC, a digital content creation company that provides film, audio, and graphic design services to clients. Originally from Jamaica Queens, Kenneth is also a music producer and an MC. In addition to his work running Great Inventors, Kenneth also works as the Events and Special Projects Coordinator for the City of Philadelphia, where he’s worked on events like the Wawa Welcome America 4th of July Festival. His work ethic and his towards his goals have inspired those around him to live in full pursuit of their dreams.

How did you figure out what your passion is?

I found multimedia to be a passion of mine when I first realized at a young age that it was an outlet for creativity and thoughts. Being able to tell a story using the combination of audio, visual, and text is powerful. Studying audio engineering and communications at Temple University was a bridge to launching my own LLC specializing in digital content creation. I find passion in multimedia not only because it serves as an outlet for expression, but it also has a significant impact on the world we live in. Many of the ideologies that shape our daily life experiences come from audio and visual influences. With that said, it’s our responsibility to put the messages out there that are beneficial to our story

What has been the most rewarding part of your journey so far?

The most rewarding part of my journey so far is knowing that I have been and will continue to be in service to others through the multimedia skills I’ve developed over the years. As an audio engineer, producer, and writer, I have been privileged to work with artists to create music helping them share their life experiences and perspectives on record. Great Inventors LLC has also recorded voice-overs for the multinational media company, Viacom, and other New York City entities such as SUNY University Sports Network.

What else would you like to accomplish?

My experience as a student while in the Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University helped me hone many useful skills that have been essential to the journey. My experience as an Events and Special Projects Planner for the City of Philadelphia has allowed me to apply many of these skills on a larger scale.

As a graphic designer, I’ve created a variety of images that have promoted informative programs for students, service events for the community, festivals to provide entertainment for families, as well as city-wide initiatives and public events. As a photographer, I’ve captured workshops, networking events, birthday celebrations, personal shoots, and weddings. As a videographer and editor, I’ve been fortunate to create visual pieces for songs, live performances, event re-caps, and promotional use to support branding efforts for organizations and businesses.

Multimedia has many ways to connect with us and connect us with, this journey called life. The next accomplishment that would be most meaningful to me as a business owner would be developing a multimedia program for young people. A hands-on series of classes and workshops focused on experiencing the power of Film, Photo, and Audio. As a more personal short term accomplishment, I’d like to complete an entirely self-produced studio album as an artist. As a student, it would also be a great accomplishment to obtain higher educational degrees and continue the study of Media and Production.

What advice would you give to other young people beginning their careers?

My advice to other young people is to take every opportunity in your career seriously. You truly only get back the energy and effort that you put out. It’s always a, “You Don’t Work, You Don’t Eat” mind set that will keep you from complacency. However, be very grateful and appreciate your accomplishments because where you are is a blessing.

What does being a part of the African Diaspora mean to you?

Being a part of the African Diaspora means that I have a responsibility to do as much to benefit my culture as I possibly can. It means I’m part of a whole that represents many different lives, perspectives, and experiences. With that said, I have to tell the story how I see it too…I think we all do honestly because that’s the only way we’ll continue to evolve as a people.

Nominated by FunTimes Under 30 Alum, Nahla Bee