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Chante' Hall

Chante’ Hall is the founder of 2X The Service LLC, a branding, marketing, public relations, and event planning company. Through her company, Hall helps others to grow their businesses and their brands. Her business has attracted many high-profile clients like The Fader, South by Southwest Festival and Chef Milly from Hell’s Kitchen. Despite her success, Hall remains humble and continues to aspire to achieve more. Hall is also involved in the Sierra Leone Youth Association, an organization that aims to advance the Sierra Leonean youths in America. Hall has lead events for organizations hosting fashion shows and back to school drives.

How did you figure out what your passion is?

I’ve always known my passion was helping people, but not exactly how I would do it! Growing up, things seemed a little bit out of reach for me but once I began to put faith behind my work, I started seeing things within my reach. I quickly figured out my passion through the obstacles that came along the way and how I was able to overcome them.

What has been the most rewarding part of your journey so far?

It’s because I even have a journey to talk about! If you told me a few years back that I’d be running a business and be able to work alongside some amazing people doing what I love, … I would’ve called your bluff ! Overall, the most rewarding part of my journey is seeing the fruit of my business’ plan. It warms my heart every time, for it’s the biggest reward for me.

What else would you like to accomplish?

Whooa! Now that’s a question I can answer for days, LOL. Moving forward with my company 2X The Service, I would love to open up a dream studio that can be creative to help entrepreneurs; a shop for brand-building, marketing, and more! I will also love to have my businesses’ own festival; where the individuals we assist can showcase their talents and brands. I have a ton of things I would love to and I know in due time things will fall in place. So stay on the look-out.

What advice would you give to other young people beginning their careers?

Not to allow anyone’s comments or ideas of your plan to take you of your square. If you have an idea you love, just go for it! Always know your why factor! It is important to know why you want to create something or do something. Once you know your why, you will never stop being persistent. Also know what you want; learn the logistics, and go make your dream your reality.

What does being a part of the African Diaspora mean to you?

To me, it means being apart of a family that supports one another! It says unity, I am honored and excited to be able to contribute and leave a mark within a family of hardworking, creative, and unique individuals.

Nominated by Sierra Leone Youth Association