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Eve Elie

Eve Elie is a Philadelphia-based growth strategy consultant of Afro-Caribbean ancestry. A self proclaimed world citizen, she has lived, worked, and studied in over five countries. Elie has a passion for engaging with communities across the globe and, via strategy, adds capacity to support impactful projects made by and for the people. Her background includes public health advocacy, social impact strategy, business, and community development.

Over several years, Elie has focused on supporting creative solo-entrepreneurs as a growth strategy consultant. Her goal is to empower creatives to cultivate their talent and influence to positively transform communities. When she’s not building creative empires, she supports the amazing team at It’s Deeper Than Travel in rewriting the service travel narrative and making trippin’ a lifestyle among Pan Africans, as their head of strategy and growth.

How did you figure out what your passion is?

By actively living with Sankofa in mind. Sankofa is associated with the Akan proverb: “There is nothing wrong with learning from hindsight.” It represents the idea of looking to your past with the understanding that both the good and the bad have helped you become who you are today. It encourages respect for the generations that have come before us. I encourage myself and those around me to engage with the truth and clarity that Sankofa can manifest.

The more I understand how I came to be, the more I can shape my present and future with intent.

What has been the most rewarding part of your journey so far?

Each “thank you” I receive is the result of long hours of collective visionsetting, strategizing, planning, and executing my plans. I find joy and reward in the success of every project I support. My clients, whom I refer to as “Creative Royalty”, seek me out, eager to accomplish astounding feats. I believe that I am the go-to consultant for well thought out solutions with a side of serious fun along the way.

What else would you like to accomplish?

By popular demand, I will be releasing an eBook this year focused on the successes and lessons learned from strategies I’ve developed and implemented with creative empires. I also love to travel throughout the African Diaspora; I am seeking to amplify platforms that connect PanAfrican creative entrepreneurs I’ve worked with across the globe. Fortunately, through Eve of Strategy, I have been able to support a wonderful Pan-African travel enterprise: It’s Deeper Than Travel (IDTT).

What advice would you give to other young people beginning their careers?

First, be specific and intentional. It is important to speak your success into existence. The success you imagine for yourself is already there for you, but you need to be at the right frequency to receive them. Maintain that frequency nurturing yourself consistently and seeking out opportunities for positive spiritual and intellectual growth. Second, lean into your tribe. There is a proverb from back home that says, “Men anpil, chay pa lou.” Translation, “many hands make the load lighter.” I am surrounded by brilliant, invaluable friends and colleagues. I have learned to make conscious efforts to lean into them when I need guidance or tough criticism. Third, be disciplined! Consistency is key to your invariable excellence.

What does being a part of the African Diaspora mean to you?

Being a part of the African Diaspora means working relentlessly to create and nurture space that will enable our community to revolutionize, unify, and live gloriously. We have made great strides towards empowering ourselves and celebrating our greatness in the way we deserve. That said, there is much healing that we need to alongside each other. To be birthed by Ayiti (Haiti), the first African Republic in the world that successfully uprooted the largest empire at the time, freeing thousands of enslaved Africans, is an honor that I am very proud to carry. I am humbled by my West and Central African ancestors, my family, my chosen family, and my community. I carry them in all that I do in remembrance of the Sankofa principle.
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